West Side Story

When the curtain goes up opening night at a Visitation production— whether for a musical or a drama—the stage lights reflect on the extraordinary efforts of each student.

Theater at Visitation is a community-building experience that allows our many talented students find their role within the broader context of theater. Students design and sew costumes, build and paint the sets, serve as stage managers and student directors, shine in the spotlight, and perform (and sometimes write) musical scores that bring a production to life.

Acting on the Nolan stage is more than following the script. Actors are encouraged to fully develop their characters, incorporating their student and life experiences to contextualize the script and mold characters that are vibrant and compelling. Our actors benefit from the experiences and direction of an acting coach, choreographer, technical director, and music director.

Visitation welcomes young men from many Catholic high schools to our stage, adding energy to the productions and creating friendships that span many performances. Conversely, Visitation students often audition for and perform in shows at area boys' schools, expanding performance opportunities and building a citywide theater community.

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