Tech Crew

Chorus in Italy

Way before the curtain call, way before the lights dim, long before the memorized lines and the final dress rehearsal, the Visitation Tech Crew, full of 40 students of disparate ages and skill levels, is faced with an empty stage and a challenge. The students must use their mental and physical prowess to take the stacks of 2x4s, 4x4s, and thin, wide pieces of plywood, take the power tools, hammers, safety glasses, screwdrivers and clamps, wrenches, buckets of various sized screws, take the needles and thread, the paint and canvas, the lights and the Genie Lift and make something.

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Welcome to the Dark Side--as Tech Crew members would say. Behind the scenes of every theater production, a team of Visitation students creates the costumes, builds the set, lights the stage, checks the sound, and manages the stage-- all in the dark. You won't see them, and that means they've done a great job, but a theater production would not be possible with the team of curious and dedicated young women. When many girls join Tech Crew they have never used a hammer, sewn a hemline, or directed a spotlight, but they eagerly jump into the challenge, guided by upperclassmen and a technical director, who is a Visi alumna.



Empowering Young Women

Bella '20
Tech Crew, Artist
"I've learned that a team of dedicated people, time, and a lot of tape can accomplish anything. "
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