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Tech Crew

Welcome to the Dark Side--as Tech Crew members would say. Behind the scenes of every theater production, a team of Visitation students creates the costumes, builds the set, lights the stage, checks the sound, and manages the stage-- all in the dark. You won't see them, and that means they've done a great job, but a theater production would not be possible with the team of curious and dedicated young women. Most girls who join Tech Crew they have never used a hammer, sewn a hemline, or directed a spotlight, but they eagerly jump into the challenge, guided by upperclassmen and a technical director, who is a Visi alumna.

Tech Crew

Tech Crew has taught me a lot of things: don't strip screws, cut on the scrap side, and don't stop the saw while it's still in the wood. But most importantly, it's taught me that a team of dedicated people, some time, and a lot of tape can accomplish anything. Twice this year I've been blown away when I see the finished set and just think to myself, “Wow, we built this!” We, with our own hands and drills and saws, created something grand.

Bella '20

Visual Arts