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Alumnae Directory & Networking

Alumnae Directory App

The Visitation alumnae community is just a few taps away on your smartphone or tablet with our alumnae networking app! The app—accessible by Visitation alumnae only—allows you to search for and connect with fellow graduates from anywhere. It has proven highly successful in other school communities, helping graduates reconnect with classmates, job search, network, and even ease the transition to a new city. The alumnae community app is powered by Graduway.

Screen shot of the Visitation networking app


  • Alumnae directory searchable by name, class year, location, college, industry, or company
  • Integration with LinkedIn

Supported Operating Systems/Devices:

  • Android
  • Apple

Logging Into the App:

Visitation alumnae can either log into the app using email addresses or their LinkedIn credentials. The latter option allows graduates to see and share additional profile information. To log in using email, please use the preferred email address on file with the Alumnae Office. If you are unsure if your email address is up to date with the school, please contact us.

Contact Director of Alumnae Relations Suzie Koones Egan '79 at


Alumnae Networking Group

Visi Alums Helping Alums

Is your office looking for a hardworking new employee? Post the job on Visi Alums Helping Alums!

Have you started your own business and are looking for community support? Post your Facebook or website on Visi Alums Helping Alums!

Are you switching careers and looking for a mentor in the field? Post what you're looking for on Visi Alums Helping Alums!

Have you moved to a new city and are looking for a roommate or want to reconnect with familiar faces? Post about your new move or open rooms on Visi Alums Helping Alums!

The group is private so you can feel safe knowing the information will only be accessible by other Georgetown Visitation Alumnae. For this reason this group is only open to Visi Alumnae.

Use your Visitation network to your full advantage!

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