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Meghan Cassidy '05

Math whiz and teacher extraordinare, Meghan Cassidy '05 is quickly growing followers and loyal customers in Washington with her passion - baking. @meghan_bakes on Instagram, her cookies are creative and her attention to detail supreme.

She's recently combined her talents in education and baking to teach cookie decorating classes, partnering with Milkbar for a 90s themed cookie class and more. Meghan has also "popped-up" in stores like LOFT, sharing her cookie designs with customers.

In the past year, you've been an educator by day, baker by night. First, what drew you to teaching as a profession? What do you love about baking?
Too many people are led to believe that "I'm not a math person" and I want to break down that barrier. I loved teaching at Gonzaga and Georgetown University because that student age is so formative and dramatic -- you're starting to figure out what kind of human being you want to be out in the world and are experiencing so many firsts. It's a privilege to witness that and give advice where you can. That being said, baking is a welcome, solitary retreat after a long day with teenagers. The cookies don't talk back (...usually).

At what point did you decide to pursue baking beyond your own kitchen?
I've always loved baking and cookie decorating since I was a little girl. Last year, a few friends urged me to make an Instagram account of my baked goods. From there, I started receiving opportunities for pop-ups and other custom orders that expanded my horizon.

What has the journey been like launching your baking business, and what are you excited about?
It's been overwhelming, but in a way that makes me feel alive. With baking, I get to fully express my creativity while making others happy with the end product. I've recently started leading cookie decorating classes, combining teaching and baking, and this gives me the greatest joy to share my craft with others.  

Are there any similarities between teaching math and your baking?
Teaching math and baking allow me to use creativity in different ways. Both require planning, patience, and precision, though I often use one to escape the other. 

We have to ask: what has been your favorite cookie to decorate?
That's a tough one — I really loved decorating ballerina cookies for Duke Ellington School of the Arts. I used a watercolor and pen technique for the first time and it gave the illustration fluidity.

Are there any lessons you learned at Visitation that you have taken with you as you kicked off this new venture?
Visitation definitely honed my confidence and strong work ethic. What I value the most from Visitation, though, is how it taught me the strength of female relationships. My high school friends have supported me with my new endeavor and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for them. I also have met so many amazing, creative women in the DC area through my cookies. These newly formed female friendships and collaborations have given me varied perspectives and opened new doors of opportunity.

What activities were you involved in at Visitation, and are you Gold Team or White Team?
I was a part of Madrigals, musicals at Gonzaga, One Act plays, student government, and the White Team!

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