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Jacquie Farrell Moen '88

Meet Jacquie Farrell Moen '88, Vice President for Online Education at the Smithsonian. Get to know her through a Q&A about her role at the Smithsonian (she sometimes films in the museums at night!) and how Visitation helped to prepare Jacquie for her career.

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Alumna Profile: Sarah Nosal '96, A Career Devoted to Service

When Sarah Nosal ‘96 was four years old, she convinced her little sister that she had healing powers. This was a ruse of course and her sister quickly realized the truth, but the thought of having healing powers gave Sarah an idea.

“As it became clearer that my healing powers did not resolve all suffering, I decided I should become a doctor so I could heal them for real,” Sarah said.

Alice Smith '95 Will Perform The Kennedy Center Next Month

Alice Smith '95, who once sang with the Visitation Gospel Choir, is a professional musician based out of LA. She will release her third album this year (as yet unnamed) and will perform her hometown on Feb. 10 at The Kennedy Center.

"In general I'm a person that feels like if I do my best to be really honest and true, and my authentic self, and if I feel free in that and good about being that, than I feel like that's when you get a lot out of music."

St. Francis de Sales' words, "Be who you are and be that well" obliviously rang true for Alice.


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