Meet Our Alums

Katie Lang Collard '08

Meet Katie Lang Collard '08, lawyer and new Alumnae Board chair. Get to know her through a Q&A about why she's chosen to become a leader as a Visi alumna and her favorite memory from her time as a student.

Julie O'Malley Moeller '93

“Every single person has value,” says Julie Moeller, a teacher and high school placement director at DC Prep, a public charter middle school in Washington, D.C. Finding value in each individual is exactly what she does at DC Prep, where she guides the school’s 8th graders through the application process at some of most prestigious private schools in the nation. Eighty percent of DC Prep’s students live in poverty and are deemed at risk because they are homeless, in foster care, or their families are on welfare, and yet still more than seventy percent go on to study at selective public schools, magnet schools or private schools.

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Jacquie Farrell Moen '88

Meet Jacquie Farrell Moen '88, Vice President for Online Education at the Smithsonian. Get to know her through a Q&A about her role at the Smithsonian (she sometimes films in the museums at night!) and how Visitation helped to prepare Jacquie for her career.

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