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Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School

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Why Visitation

A Powerful Education

Visitation students have an appetite for learning, nourished by our experienced faculty and outstanding liberal arts and sciences program. We teach writing, speaking, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills in every discipline, but it's the environment—energetic and collaborative—that takes learning to another level.

Classrooms are vibrant, and girls work together to achieve their personal best. A Visi education is as enjoyable as it is challenging, and our motivated students are well prepared for very selective colleges, varied careers, and all aspects of life.

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Salesian Spirituality

As a Catholic school, faith is our cornerstone. We are guided by the gentle and practical Salesian Spirituality of Saints Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal. This focus on Salesian Spirituality makes religious exploration particularly transformative for young women. St. Francis de Sales spoke of the power of Little Virtuesvalues like kindness, patience, and cheerful optimism. “There is nothing so strong as gentleness and nothing so gentle as real strength,” he said. Visi girls are living proof.

Along with our religion classes and Christian service program, our campus ministry office supports students’ spiritual development through a range of offerings. These include Masses, sacramental opportunities, prayer services, in-class talks, and retreats, all aimed at helping girls strengthen their relationships with God, self, and others.

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The All-Girls Advantage

Visi girls are friends and fans, classmates and teammates, companions and confidants. While striving for their personal best, they collaborate and support one another, creating a tight community where all are embraced and each can shine. Here, optimism and compassion are contagious.

This positive tone is set by the Sisters and nurtured by teachers who are committed to understanding and educating girls in the ways they learn best—through relationships. Being in an all-girls school has distinct advantages. Visi girls are free to be whoever they want to be...and to be themselves. By trying new and difficult things, they learn how to navigate disappointment and develop the resilience that results in long-term success. They know that every girl can lead and achieve in her own way, boosted by newfound friends who become lifelong sisters.

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Girls embrace as they walk through the quad

Transformative Traditions

When you become a Visi girl, you are joining a timeless community bound by shared experiences and amazing growth. Here remarkable girls become extraordinary women while taking pleasure—and pride—in a host of school traditions, exuberant and sacred. These traditions leave an indelible mark. Visitation graduates stay connected to classmates, teachers, and the school while joining a network of Visitation alumnae eager to help one another. In becoming part of our rich history, students are primed to make their own.

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A Caring Community

The challenges facing young women today are great, from social media to the pandemic to the normal stressors of adolescence. Likewise, her supports must be many and strong.

Visitation partners with families to foster our students' spiritual, emotional, intellectual, creative, physical, and social development and wellbeing. Our approach to wellness is rooted in partnership with families and in our faith.

With parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators working together as a team, we ensure each girl is both challenged and supported to be her best.

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Champions On & Off the Field

While many know Visitation as one of the strongest athletic programs in the area, we take greater pride in the values our players bring to and learn on the field and the wellness practices students hone during their time here.

We offer Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity level competition, as well as no-cut sports like cross country and track, so there's a home for every athlete. Our teams are consistently competitive across the board, earning banners and winning championships. Our student-athletes earn recognition as All-League and Washington Post All-Met athletes and even national honors, with many continuing their careers at the collegiate level.

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A World of Creative Exploration

Whether students are interested in mastering three-part harmony, pirouettes, printmaking, or theater props, Visitation offers a wide array of artistic outlets, including theater productions, dance and music groups, vocal and instrumental lessons, visual art classes, and technical crew.


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