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Why Choose All Girls?

Visi girls are friends and fans, classmates and teammates, companions and confidants. While striving for their personal best, they collaborate and support one another, creating a tight community where all are embraced and each can shine. Here, optimism and compassion are contagious.

This positive tone is set by the Sisters and nurtured by teachers who are committed to understanding and educating girls in the ways they learn best—through relationships. Being in an all-girls school has distinct advantages. By providing an environment tailored specifically to the needs of young women, all-girls schools positively shape young women's academic, social, and personal development.

Visi girls are free to be whoever they want to be...and to be themselves. By trying new and difficult things, they learn how to navigate disappointment and develop the resilience that results in long-term success. They know that every girl can lead and achieve in her own way, boosted by newfound friends who become lifelong sisters.

The All Girls Advantage


plan to earn a graduate or professional degree


of graduates were offered greater leadership opportunities


more likely to consider majoring in STEM


of graduates hold leadership positions after high school


feel supported by their teachers

With gratitude to the International Coalition for Girls Schools for sharing research on the benefits of an all-girls education.

My favorite thing about Visitation is the community - 100%. Girls supporting girls, women supporting women. On my Cub for a Day visit, I went to gym class and they were having a basketball rally and everyone was supporting everyone else. I thought to myself, "I want to be supported by all these strong women!"
Sarah ‘20

Empowered Women

Mikayla '25

"At Visitation, my confidence has really grown; in this environment, I’ve been empowered to speak my mind and question things. It has really motivated me to be the best version of myself that I can be."

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Jaya '25

"I love that the mantra of the school is about empowering women. Coming here, you really feel that - in the classes, in the community. I feel that there are a lot of great all-girls schools in the DC area, but none empower women the way Visi does."

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Paulina '24

“I didn’t have much of a voice in middle school. Coming here, I am finally able to say what I want to say and everyone is listening and everyone cares. I have found friends here that I know I’m going to keep for the rest of my life.”

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Sarah '23

“When I came to Visitation, I immediately felt a sense of sisterhood; it’s almost like a warm hug around you. You can feel everyone wants to be your friend and they want to know about you and they want to be friends with you and be kind to you.”

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As a proud member of the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools, our school community recognizes how the safety of an all-girls school nurtures students to become more confident and to take intellectual and social risks at the critical juncture of adolescence.

Our teachers understand girls learn best when closely connected with one another and their teachers. We intentionally create opportunities to lead, question, and collaborate inside and outside of the classroom. After four years with us, a young woman leaves 35th Street confident in her faith, herself, and her capacity to bring about change.

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Salesian Spirituality

There are countless ways to lead and have fun through our wide variety of student activities, including arts, athletics, school government, publications, and more.

Wellness & Personal Counseling

The challenges facing our young women are great, from social media to the pandemic to the normal stressors of adolescence. Likewise, her supports must be many and strong.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

In keeping with our mission of “Living Jesus,” Georgetown Visitation is committed to fostering an institutional culture which honors the dignity and sacredness of every individual.