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What's Happening at Visi

Student-Run "Voices of Migrants" Receives $5,000 Grant To Expand Outreach

It all began in a Visitation history classroom. "Voices of Migrants" interviews immigrants and hosts webinars to share their stories. Their letter writing campaign allows for a pen-pal relationship with a child in Colombia, so you can hear their stories. The team - comprised of seniors Marianna, Sara, Rose Schosinski, Annie Paxton, Carolina Permuy, and Carolina Zubler - write blog posts to educate on immigration issues, to share opinions, and share their own stories.

Closing the Gender Gap in National Security: Carolina Permuy '21, Girl Security Scholar

After hearing an NPR news story on Girl Security, an organization seeking to close the gender gap in the male-dominated space of national security, senior Carolina Permuy pressed "contact" on their website to learn more about their work. Their founder, Lauren Bean Buitta, responded and began a back-and-forth resulting in the organization's first DC event last spring, before Covid-19.