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Wellness II and Physical Education II (807)

WELLNESS II                                                                                                                 

Personal Development II is a program designed to enable the student to continue her understanding of how health relates to her everyday life. She will have an in depth look at the immediate and long-term effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs on the mind and body. The student will also develop a basic understanding of the male and female reproductive systems, sexually transmitted infections, and fetal growth and development.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION II                                                                      

The second phase of physical education is designed to guide each student towards attaining a balanced level of physical fitness and health. She will be able to identify ways to maintain life-long fitness through individual activities and cardiovascular conditioning. With an emphasis on lifetime fitness, the student will learn a variety of individual sports and activities to help maintain a level of fitness after high school. They will develop an understanding that wellness is more than being physically fit. In addition, students will receive instruction on responding to emergencies and emergency preparedness.

  • Sophomore