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Wellness I and Physical Education I (806)

WELLNESS I                                                                                                                   

Wellness I is a program designed to enable the student to develop an understanding of how health relates to her physical, mental, social, spiritual and intellectual well-being. She will increase her understanding and knowledge of nutrition, wellness and body systems. The student will also be able to describe how eating disorders affect ones total wellness. By the conclusion of the course, each student will have demonstrated and applied the data presented in the course outline to everyday life.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION I                                                                        

This course is designed to develop the student’s understanding of the basic skills needed to participate in various activities, sports and lifetime fitness. The student will demonstrate a proficiency of skills in relation to the class activities and have an understanding of the rules and strategies for each of the activity components. As well, she will have an opportunity to apply different skills to design new games and activities that can be pursued on her own or with others.

  • Freshman