Program of Studies

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The Program of Studies is updated each spring prior to registration for the following school year. The academic program of each student at Georgetown Visitation is coordinated by the Academic Dean. Listed courses may be canceled if enrollment is too low.

Each student should familiarize herself with the expectations currently in effect within each academic area, including:

  • No more than 6 credits of the required 63 may be taken in summer school.
  • Students who earn less than a C- in lower level language and math classes must repeat the course in summer school before returning to classes at Georgetown Visitation.
  • Credit earned in the 8th grade for a subject normally taken in grades 9-12 (e.g. Algebra I) may be counted toward fulfillment of the required courses after a placement test has established proficiency, but it will not reduce the overall requirement of 63 credits for graduation

Academic Program

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