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Human Anatomy and Genetics (526)

This course is designed to highlight an area of special interest to all who have taken the Biology I course, the human body. The study of human anatomy and physiology is made coherent and logical by the use of three integrating themes. These are: the interrelationships of body organ systems for regulatory purposes; homeostasis, which involves the normal and most desirable condition of body functioning; and the prerequisite study of an organ, tissue, or cell followed by the comprehension of its function. The course will also explore many current issues that impact the body’s functions.  

Genetics is a rapidly advancing field which has become increasingly important in medicine and everyday life. Through this course, students learn how diseases and traits are inherited and how DNA controls life processes. In the part of the course dealing with inheritance, students will learn how the probability of having children with specific traits or diseases depends on the parent’s genetic composition. In the DNA section of the course, students will gain insight into how these genes work at the molecular level. This section will emphasize the various lab techniques used to manipulate DNA in order to clone or isolate genes. The role of mutations in causing disease will be used to show how DNA directly affects our health and characteristics. The internet will play an integral part of the course, in addition to the class notes and the text. This course is recommended for students considering a career in the health services.

Prerequisite: Biology

  • Elective
  • Senior