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AP Environmental Science (550)

Environmental Science is the interdisciplinary study of how humanity interacts with the natural world – Earth’s life support systems. This AP course is designed to be the equivalent of an introductory college-level course in environmental science with a regular investigative component. Students will employ scientific concepts and methodologies to understand the natural world; analyze complex environmental issues from an interdisciplinary perspective; and examine innovative solutions to environmental problems that promote sustainability. Topics include ecology, earth systems, food and agriculture, population dynamics, energy, urbanization, consumer society, global climate change, natural resources (e.g. water, air, soil, land, minerals), biodiversity, pollution, wastes, health and toxicology. Students will take the AP Environmental Science exam.

Prerequisite: Biology or concurrent course in AP Biology (seniors)
Grade Prerequisite:  B+ in current non-Honors/AP science course or B in current Honors/AP science course

  • AP
  • Elective
  • Senior