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Honors Modern World History (326)

This college-level course examines key developments in modern history from a global perspective. Major topics include the Atlantic revolutions of the late eighteenth century, the industrialization of Europe and Asia, nineteenth-century imperialism and its legacies, the twentieth-century rise of fascism and communism, and the consequences of globalization. This course entails a high volume of reading and requires students to grapple independently with a college-level textbook. Strong reading comprehension skills and a well-developed vocabulary are essential. Students who have mastered the synthesis required in the ninth-grade document-based essay will be pressed to examine more complex documents and to raise their analytical thinking skills to the next level. Considerable attention is given to developing the ability to construct historical arguments in oral discussion and presentation and to write thorough, well-organized and well-informed essays. Primary sources are used extensively. By exploring connections between current events and their historical roots, students are prepared for the demands of global citizenship.

  • Honors
  • Sophomore