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AP Comparative Politics (360)

This College Board designed curriculum encompasses the study of government and politics of United Kingdom, Mexico, Russia, China, Nigeria, and Iran. General political science concepts will be used to interpret the key political, social, and economic relationships found in virtually all nation-states. Students engage in the comparative method to formulate ideas, test theories, and evaluate the dynamics of public policy. Particular attention is devoted to the application of political reality, thus daily and/or weekly readings of The Economist, The Washington Post, and/or The New York Times are assigned. The impact of globalization is studied through the domestic and foreign affairs policies of each nation. The ever increasing role and impact of supranational organizations such as the World Trade Organization and the European Union upon nation-states is studied. The AP exam is mandatory for all students. Beyond preparation for a successful national exam result, the student establishes herself as an astute observer of various regimes systems and global politics.

  • AP
  • Elective
  • Senior