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AP English Literature and Composition (243)

The College Board suggests the following guidelines for an AP English course: “An AP course in Literature and Composition is a course emphasizing the skills in critical reading of imaginative and discursive literature and in writing about literature and related ideas. It is for students capable of doing college level work in high school. Students must be willing to devote the energy necessary to complete a course more rigorous and demanding than other English courses for the college-bound student.”

This AP course provides students the opportunity for in-depth study of selected masters of English literature and of World literature. The selections should present a challenge to the student who reads with knowledge, sensitivity, and skill. This course also encourages independent study in areas related to the course. Students read full-length works of fiction, both novel and drama. Furthermore, they engage in an in-depth study of poetry from a variety of literary eras.

  • AP
  • Elective
  • Senior