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Visitation students are confident thinkers, excellent writers, and fearless problem-solvers. Rooted in the liberal arts and sciences, our well-rounded college-preparatory curriculum nurtures these qualities and gives girls glimpses into subjects and fields that pique their curiosity and drive them to explore their passions.

We provide engaging electives that proactively enhance our traditional core subjects. Our classes are laboratories for questioning, where girls are challenged to grow and pushed to stretch their own boundaries. All classes emphasize hands-on lessons, real-world scenarios, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Many courses take advantage of our location in the nation’s capital, which allows students to relate their studies to the world.

Guided by experienced and passionate faculty, students feel comfortable and confident challenging, answering, discussing, learning, and laughing. Through group projects and constructive feedback, girls build relationships with their peers and teachers. Beyond simply learning dates and memorizing theories, classroom discussion inspires girls to tirelessly question and learn from one another.

Visi girls are analytical collaborators, eloquent speakers, and energetic self-advocates. In every discipline, students deepen their faith and knowledge and discover what they are capable of, all while having fun.

Being at an all-girls school, no one is afraid to ask questions. Everyone is collaborative. The teachers are approachable, so I always feel I can go to them if I need help. It’s interactive - it’s not a teacher talking at you. Everyone is participating in the class, both students and teachers. 

- Azure ‘21

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Over 50 student-led clubs provide opportunities for girls to explore interests and build leadership skills.

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All-Girls Advantage

Girls thrive in our classrooms because we understand how girls learn.

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Our Campus Ministry and Christian Service programs help girls deepen their faith and put it into action.

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