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Visitation students have an appetite for learning, nourished by our experienced faculty and outstanding liberal arts and sciences program. We teach writing, speaking, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills in every discipline, but it's the environment—energetic and collaborative—that takes learning to another level.

Classrooms are vibrant, and girls work together to achieve their personal best. A Visi education is as enjoyable as it is challenging, and our motivated students are well prepared for very selective colleges, varied careers, and all aspects of life.



A Powerful Education for Curious Minds

Women graduate from Visitation with the knowledge and skills for a lifetime of inquiry and excellence.


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students score 3 or higher on ap exams


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"Each of my daughters formed strong, lasting relationships with inspirational teachers who became their mentors, champions, and role models."

Margaret Farrell, P '17, '19, '21

Learning Together

Maria '25

"We have a lot of discussion-based classes, which is my favorite. You explore the details of topics in history, religion, English, math - you can really explore confusing concepts. The teachers take the time to make sure you understand the why and the how."

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Heidi '25

“Teachers really genuinely care about you learning. They’re always there for you to visit or ask questions. Each class, I’m learning more about how I learn. I understand myself better as a student now.”

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Gretchen '23

"What makes Visitation special to me is the relationships the students have with the teachers. The support I’ve received from my teachers during my time at Visitation is unmatched. Every teacher is there to support each and every student. Having the opportunity to meet with them and ask questions during office hours to truly make sure you understand the material has taught me to both advocate and speak up for myself in an academic environment. My teachers have been a big part of my Visitation experience."

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Rehema '25

"Visi does a really good job of providing an environment where anyone can succeed. Our teachers find a way to make
our work interesting and fun while maintaining the Visitation excellence."

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Signature Programs

Physics First

Physics First is the foundation of our science program. All freshmen take Conceptual Physics because physics gives girls a strong foundation for chemistry and biology and has a symbiotic relationship with Algebra, which freshmen also take. Girls love the class because it hands-on and fun!

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The Refugee Crisis

As a culminating project in the sophomore-level Honors Modern World History, students examine the European refugee crisis from multiple perspectives to gain knowledge of modern Europe. By studying historic events, conducting research and original interviews, reviewing national and international news, and producing a final presentation for the class, girls come to understand the political, economic, and national security issues involved in the crisis and how historical events have shaped the present situation.

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Junior Research Paper

The junior-year research paper helps girls learn to create a strong thesis statement and argument, conduct research, identify proper sources and cite them correctly, and write an in-depth research paper. In the process, juniors are taught and expected to use resources in Georgetown University’s Lauinger Library.

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Praxis Project

The Visitation charism calls each of us to Live Jesus. During junior year, each student completes a Praxis Project, working in small groups to research, evaluate, and act to combat a social injustice. Praxis projects have focused on the environment, human trafficking, immigration, sexual assault, and racial injustice. 

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Dual Enrollment Program with Georgetown University

Being next-door neighbor to a world-class university has unique benefits—most notably that our students have incredible opportunities to tap into its vast resources throughout the year. Guest speakers from Georgetown often come to our campus for events and talks, and our girls are invited over there for workshops, conferences, research, and even semester-long classes through our dual enrollment program, which allows qualified seniors to take college courses for a nominal fee. Classes taken by previous participants include: Multivariable Calculus, Microeconomics Principles, Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Proof/Problem Solving, Principles of Accounting, Intro to Cultural Anthropology, and Intro to Sociology.


Dual Enrollment Program with Mount St. Mary's University

Juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to earn three college credits per semester by taking a sequence of Mount St. Mary’s business classes through our new dual-enrollment program. In 2023-2024, we will offer Introduction to Business and Decision Making in the fall and Introduction to Entrepreneurship in the spring. Visitation students will meet together on campus and connect online with the Mount St. Mary’s professors who teach the class.

Participating in the dual enrollment program exposes students to college-level coursework and allows students to explore new subjects while earning college credit from Mount Saint Mary’s.

Kelly '24

"I've had a really good experience at Georgetown. My classes have exposed me to college life; I've connected with two professors and made new friends. I've learned time management skills; it is a lot to keep track of my Visi classes and college work, but it is a welcome challenge. Inspired by my coursework here, I hope to study either anthropology or political science next year." 

"Every child is someone’s miracle. I treat them as such, one conversation at a time. Praise their wisdom, their fortitude, their pursuit of knowledge. Acknowledge the gift that they are, every chance I have. When they fall short, work to bring them back to themselves, and to their full potential in the eyes of God."

Kerry Kaminski,
Director of Academic Learning Support

Academic Learning Support

Learning Support and Strategies (LSS) is a course that meets daily for freshmen and every seven days on a rotating basis for sophomores who were enrolled as freshmen.

LSS takes the place of an academic course.  Students choose whether to defer world language, physics, or freshman history (Global Patterns). Our role is to ensure our learners are confident and prepared for their classes. It is a chance for students to: 

  • Discuss reading they have completed independently in preparation for their academic courses;
  • Seek clarification on assignments, plan their time, and manage their academic workload;
  • Learn how to be successful students at Visitation, including study strategies, preparation of assignments and projects, and studying for exams; and
  • Learn and demonstrate self-advocacy skills in the classroom and beyond. 

Social Emotional Component 
In Learning Support and Strategies (LSS), we learn about how to be a reliable, organized Visitation student. We talk about the importance of believing in ourselves, and keeping our academic performance in perspective. We demonstrate curiosity, empathy, integrity, responsibility, self-advocacy, and respectful communication, towards others and ourselves.

Specialized Support

Students are enrolled in LSS as part of the admissions process. Students outside of Learning Support, as well as upperclassmen no longer in Learning Support, are welcome to make appointments for support, by emailing the appropriate teacher.  

Foreign Language
Madame Claire Brinkmann supports the development of foreign language skills, including French, Spanish, and Latin. 

Dr. Jake Collamore supports students in mathematics both in-person and virtually by appointment.

Mrs. Kerry Kaminski is here every day, serving as the teacher supporting humanities classes, including history, English and religion.


Meet Our Academic Support Team

Claire Brinkmann

Claire Brinkmann

Jacqueline Collamore

Jacqueline Collamore

Sue Foreman

Sue Foreman

Academic Dean
Kerry Kaminski

Kerry Kaminski

Director of Learning Support

Our Curriculum

Discover our course offerings, departments, and the special programs that distinguish academic life at Visitation.

Empowering Girls

At Visitation, we empower the next generation of female leaders, equipping them with a strong moral foundation, the skills to effectively collaborate and communicate, and the drive to solve the problems facing our world today.

College Counseling

Our counselors work individually with each student to help her find the college that is the best fit.