Sarah Grace '21

Sarah Grace '21 - Student Government Association President

What activities are you involved in at Visitation?

I practically live at Visitation! In the athletics department, each fall at Visi since freshman year I’ve played field hockey, and each winter, ice hockey! I also played lacrosse sophomore year in the spring, and ran track spring of junior year. I have participated in the musical each year at Visi, as Kurt in “the Sound of Music” freshman year, Sarah in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” sophomore year, and Pontius Pilate in “Jesus Christ Superstar” junior year! I’ve been on student government since freshman year, and some of my favorite clubs I’ve been involved with are Spanish, Psychology, Always Our Children, and Think Pink!

What is your favorite thing about Visi?

I think the most incredible thing to me is the community. Visitation is not just my school, but my family. To be able to say I am friends with every single girl in my grade is something so special to Visi. The girls in my class have been with me through the ups and downs, and I am so incredibly grateful. 

Why did you choose the school?

I actually live in Annapolis, which is quite a ways away from Visi. My commute can be anywhere from 70 minutes to almost two hours sometimes. But somehow, Visitation’s reputation made it all the way out to me. I looked at this school because of the rave reviews about tradition, sisterhood, and elevated academics. But I chose this school because when I first walked on Visi’s campus, even 42 miles from my house, I felt at home. 

Which class has been your favorite so far?

I think Visi is able to make so many classes interesting because of their amazing, creative teachers. Even for math, of which I’ve never been quite too fond, Visi teachers have found ways to make me enjoy, engage in, and begin to look forward to class. My favorite class so far is definitely AP Psychology, which barely feels like a class because of how interesting and fun it is to learn about! I actually always enjoy doing psych homework because it is so invigorating. 

What is your favorite tradition?

My favorite tradition would definitely have to be Gold-White. I absolutely love how there is something for everyone in Gold-White, and how everyone gets involved - and I mean everyone! Even teachers, Sisters, faculty, staff, and admin are on either Gold or White Team! Between little in-class rivalries, Quiz Bowl, canning, Headquarters, and of course, cheer and the sports game, Gold-White brings our spirits high and our community together! There’s nothing like the sound of the trolley arriving on campus; I’m sure you can hear Visitation voices from miles away!

How have your teachers worked to make Virtual Visitation an engaging learning experience?

Our teachers have been great about trying to think outside of the box during distance learning. For example, in psych class, Ms. Fay has a lot of interactive experiments that helps us understand the material we are learning. Instead of cutting them out because of the separation of a screen, Ms. Fay found ways for us to still do them, just tweaked a bit. For example, where normally for learning about the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve we’d play the memory list game as a class, we now each wrote down what we remembered on scrap paper and then used the chat and our cameras to compare and analyze results! 

Why did you decide to get involved in student government? What led you to run for SGA President?

I decided to get involved in SGA because I thought there was no better way to ensure inclusion and outreach. I’ve been involved in SGA since freshman year. It’s given me an opportunity to get to know and support so many other girls. The Visi family has done so much for me, and I wanted to give back in the best way I could. I wanted to make certain that in this pandemic, behind our screens, no girl gets left behind. Not an easy task, but I’m going to give it my best!

What do you hope to accomplish this year as SGA President?

I have the same goal I’ve had all four years: leave no girl behind. To bring us all together. Only this year, it is a bit different. We have to be together, separately. This year as SGA President, I hope to be able to find creative and fun ways to bring us together when circumstance sets us apart. One thing my fantastic VP Rachel and I have already begun is the “Salesian Survival” games between teams Saint Jane and Saint Francis, with a challenge at each live assembly (such as guessing which teacher is in the baby picture!). By finding fun ways to engage each student, I hope to bring us together. 

I also hope to take advantage of our online connections and collaborate more with our brother school - Gonzaga. I have been in frequent communication with Gonzaga’s student body president since this summer, and we’ve already started taking ideas and putting them into action! 

What do you do outside of Visitation?

Outside of Visitation, I enjoy a large variety of activities! I love snowboarding, skiing, sailing, boating, wakeboarding, swimming, paddle boarding, running, painting, photography, lifeguarding, swim coaching, coaching sailing, babysitting, and playing guitar, ukulele, piano, trumpet, and harmonica! My favorite thing to do outside of Visi is definitely sailing. Living in Annapolis, I’ve sailed since before I could walk! I’ve sailed on a competitive travel team since age 12, traveling to regattas all up and down the East Coast including Junior Olympics and nationals, and sailing Optis, then 420s, and now lasers!