Sarah '20

Co-President of the Environmental Club, Tech Crew - Head of Visual Arts, Arts Council Representative on SGA, Kaleidoscope

What is your favorite thing about Visi?

The community - 100%. Girls supporting girls, women supporting women. On my Cub for a Day visit, I went to gym class and they were having a basketball rally and everyone was supporting everyone else. I thought to myself, 'I want to be supported by all these strong women!'

Why did you choose the school?

I knew about the academics. I saw the community. The school - the girls get close, and I wanted that. At a Mass for accepted students, I was in awe of the catwalks. One of my classmates, her sister was in tech. I wanted to try it.

Tech is empowering. We’re in there with saws and drills and planning it out ourselves. Our tech director says “Figure it out,” and then lo and behold, we do. We made bunk beds last year - stable, level, fantastic, and we all built it together. 

Which class has been your favorite so far?

AP Language and Composition. I really liked how we talked about social justice issues. We connected our readings to what was going on in the world right now. Learning how to write a research paper was so helpful. That was a really important part of junior year. 

How would you describe the school's classroom environment?

The class sizes are small which allows for better conversation. A great part of the Visi education has been the classes in which we all get to talk and share opinions. The class is open to conversation. The teachers are invested in your education. If you are not doing well, they go above and beyond and help you and to meet with you. Last year, it was finals or midterms, [math teacher] Mrs. Kreuger called outside of school about an exam because I was having a rough time. Her kids were in the background, and it made me feel fantastic that she cared that much, to call me. 

What is your favorite tradition?

Marshmallow Roast. It’s in the midst of everything, but we have time to make this fantastic, hilarious skit. Most people just want to laugh and have a good time. It’s fun to put our extensive knowledge of teachers and their habits to use. 

What do you love about art at Visitation?

My sophomore year I didn’t have room to take an art class but [art teacher] Ms. Smith let me come into the studio to make art in my free periods. Even if you aren’t in an art class, you can make art. If you want to go for it, it’s there. 

Which is your favorite Salesian Little Virtue?

Patience ... With me, it’s that you don’t have control over everything. Chill out, be patient, see where things go. Patience with yourself is another big one, especially when you’re struggling, it comes with time. 

What do you do outside of school?

Recreational basketball. I paint, listen to podcasts, and volunteer for Borromeo Housing, which is a shelter for adolescent mothers in the area. I thought it was a realistic: to be pro-life person is to actually, actively support women and mothers. I took my tech skills and we refurbished antique furniture this summer, sold it, and the money went to the shelter. 

Sarah answered these questions at the beginning of her senior year.