Mary Grace '23

Freshman Class President; Ski Club; Booster Club; Field Hockey; Basketball

Mary Grace is on the right.
What is your favorite thing about Visi?

My favorite thing about Visitation is how many little gifts it offers during the day. Whether the beautiful stained glass classrooms, or the friendly upperclassmen, I am always surprised and feel at home.

Why did you choose to attend the school?
I wanted a school that would provide me the best possible education I could receive, while balancing it with a sisterhood of lifelong friendships. 
Which class has been your favorite so far, and why?

My favorite class is English with Mr. Bindernagel. The class is like a book club. Even for those of us who had a previous tendency to dislike reading, we all ended up diving into deep discussions and making comparisons to teach us life lessons.

Of our traditions (Marshmallow Roast, Living Rosary, Esprit de Noel, Gold-White, etc.), which has been your favorite, and why?
My favorite tradition of Visi is Marshmallow Roast. It was amazing to have watched my class bring out such a creative side to roast teachers through a simple skit.
What drew you to student government?

I knew I wanted to get involved with my class the day I met them. Running for President seemed the perfect opportunity to meet girls I had not already, and create opportunities for our class to get to know each other better.

What activities are you involved in beyond Visitation?

I love to play music, and recently it has been the guitar. I also enjoy going on six feet apart bike rides with my neighbors and friends. 

Mary Grace answered these questions at the end of of her freshman year.