Makaela '24

Freshman Class Vice President - Student Government Association, Visi Minds Matter, Best Buddies

Why did you choose Visitation?

I chose Visitation because of the excellent academics along with the strong athletics. Visitation’s academic program does an outstanding job of preparing each student for college and beyond, which attracted me during the application process. I also hope to join Visitation’s amazing soccer program, which was another benefit I appreciated. In addition, I was very interested in Visi’s unique traditions and tightly-knit community. Traditions like Gold-White and Marshmallow Roast really intrigued me and added to my excitement of applying to Visi. Lastly, the bond of sisterhood and lifelong friendships created through the Visi community made me look forward to experiencing all of the amazing things Visi has to offer.

What is your favorite thing about Visitation so far?

My favorite thing about Visitation so far has been meeting new people and developing friendships virtually, and particularly when we are on campus.

Which class has been your favorite so far?

I have really enjoyed Global Patterns at Visitation because the class is very discussion-based. I enjoy hearing my classmates’ ideas and expressing my thoughts when discussing certain topics. I think interactive group discussions are an interesting and helpful way to learn!

What is your favorite Salesian Little Virtue?

My favorite Salesian Little Virtue is generosity. I think that generosity includes many of the other virtues, and is a crucial part of life. A simple act of generosity can make someone’s day, which is why I appreciate the idea of spreading goodness to others.

Why did you decide to run for Class Vice President? 

I ran for Class Vice President because I wanted to be an active participant in the school and in my class. I also wanted to make sure all my classmates’ voices were heard while making a positive difference in the Visi community. I am looking forward to having a positive impact for my class and contributing good (and fun) ideas to the SGA.

What is a quality that you think distinguishes your class?

I would describe the class of 2024 as resilient. It is not easy to start high school virtually and without being able to meet many of your classmates, and I think that everyone in the class of 2024 has handled it very well.

Makaela answered these questions the fall of her freshman year. Outside of Visitation, she plays soccer, bakes, and is an artist.