Maia '22

Freshman Class President
Additional Activities: Iconic Films, Best Buddies, Photography Club, Project Success, Visi Pups

What is your favorite thing about Visi?

The community. Everyone in all my classes is super supportive. They’re very active in class discussions and a lot of the insight offered by my classmates is helpful when I’m learning. Being around incredible people makes learning exciting!

Why did you choose the school?

I was really drawn in by the community. My shadow day at Visitation was the day I realized I wanted to go here and nowhere else. I saw that the class was super close; everyone was friends with everyone; the teachers care about the students and understood what was going on.

Which class has been your favorite so far?

Physics. Mr. Griggs is an amazing teacher and I’ve been able to apply what I learned in physics to what I’m working on in math. I also enjoy how physics class relates to what we are learning in history about Ancient Greece. It makes the lessons extremely thought-provoking.

What is your favorite tradition?

Definitely Gold-White. I’m on White Team. I like how it’s a time to get together across all grades. I bonded with a lot of my classmates in the preparations. Hearing all about it, and then actually being a part of it, watching the games with my friends was so fun. When I saw my first Gold-White in the fall before applying here, I was instantly drawn in by the energy. I knew the academics were strong, but I saw this other aspect I didn’t even know existed, and I was so excited.

How do Visitation’s teachers make learning exciting?

The teachers really care about the students and want to make sure everyone understands the lesson. They add discussions and plan experiments that help you learn the material better.

Which is your favorite Salesian Little Virtue?

Holy Friendship. I believe that friends are the foundation of the school. You’ll keep the friends you make each year the rest of your life. All the Little Virtues are reflected in Holy Friendship. Making good friends means being generous, showing simplicity; friendships have to be based off that.

Why did you decide to get involved in student government?

I wanted an opportunity to get to know my class better. It gives me an opportunity to work with everyone leading up to events like Snowflake, to make new friends and step outside the comfort zone. Becoming president and planning events together is to be a small part of something bigger. I wanted to lead the class, but have the class speak for itself. I wanted the entire grade to BE our student government. Everyone is leading the grade together.

What do you do outside of Visitation?

I play soccer for McLean, dive in the summer, and play basketball. I’m a diabetic, so I raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and go to the walk in Washington each year.

Maia answered these questions in the fall of her freshman year.