Katrina Fludd ' 04

Senior Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Princeton University

katrina fludd 04

Tell us a little about your career journey to this point.

After igniting a passion for diversity and inclusion through co-curricular activities at Visitation, I set out to better understand business, innovation, and entrepreneurship. I wanted to understand how various people and cultures created value in the form of their own businesses or within an existing organization. From there, I could begin to understand how organizations could better value different people and cultures. I studied abroad in France and China for graduate school and spent time working at a business school designing programs for future business leaders. Honing in on design thinking, facilitation, and strategic planning,

Describe your current job at Princeton University.

In Human Resources, I collaborate in a consulting capacity with each department here to create and implement custom strategic diversity and inclusion plans for employees. I create resources and various initiatives to sustain an inclusive workplace that supports the mission of excellence in teaching and research.

What do you enjoy most about this work?

I enjoy both the complexity and ambiguity of creating a workplace where everyone can thrive while maximizing the potential of unique differences. I enjoy helping people develop their own understanding of diversity and translate that knowledge into practice. Most people have fear of even acknowledging differences, so it's rewarding to support them on their development journeys as they gain more knowledge, skills, and awareness to thrive across differences. (Read more about Katrina's passion for diversity and inclusion in her own words in a "Visitation" magazine article.)

What’s your favorite thing about Visi?

The small, yet mighty community is my favorite. As an alumna, I am in awe of the depth and breadth of the journeys my classmates have taken. We were able to take these journeys because of the dedicated teachers and administrators who pay special attention to every student and her needs.

Why did you choose to attend Visitation?

I needed my four years of high school to set me up for guaranteed success. The school offered a unique, yet challenging experience that I knew I would treasure for the rest of my life. (The beautiful and historic campus also sealed the deal.)

What impact has the all-girls educational environment had on your life?

It helped me focus on developing into the best version of myself, rather than striving to adhere to a mold that looked nothing like me. My unique strengths and skills were allowed to flourish and I was able to practice using my voice for good.

How did Visitation prepare you for college and your career?

I gained hands-on experience collaborating with those both similar to and different from me, and there was special attention given to cultivating my ability to communicate my ideas both effectively and creatively across all disciplines. My inquisitive spirit was rewarded, and my bias toward action was met with collaboration and support.

What skills did you build here that continue to help you today?

Fearless creativity: crafting ideas based on what I know to be true and working with others to realize them, and unapologetic leadership: not waiting to be invited, but instead selecting a table and bringing your own chair.

Is there anything you’d like prospective families to know about Visitation?

Although Visitation has 200-plus unique years of history, it also has space for you and your story. Dive in, get involved, and become a woman of faith, vision, and purpose for your unique journey ahead.

Katrina holds both a B.S. in Business Management and an M.S. in Management with a concentration in Global Entrepreneurship from Babson College.