Isabel '21

Additional Activities: Chorus, Spring Musicals, EnVISION Dance Ensemble, Wicket

What is your favorite thing about Visi?

I love the rich history and traditions that connect all the classes. It helps to form a unique bond among the students. I also love the DC location because it gives us a lot of amazing opportunities: for the junior research paper you get to use the Georgetown University research library. There's a lot of field trips downtown, like visiting the National Gallery of Art or the Holocaust Museum.

Why did you choose the school?

My mom graduated in 1992 and she always used to tell me how special it was. I’ve been going to Esprit de Noel since I was three. I knew that I liked Visitation when I was little. The combination of academics, Salesian Spirituality, and the warm and welcoming community cemented the choice for me.

Which class has been your favorite so far?

I think my favorites have been the history classes. This year, I'm taking Honors European History. I heard upperclassmen say it was a challenging course, but I have always loved history. It has helped me to improve on my writing, really read with an eye for detail, and analyze, not just memorize when it happened, but to ask why, and to see the connections between how one event can influence the rest of history.

What is your favorite tradition?

I think my favorite is Marshmallow Roast. It’s fun to spend a lot of time with your class, laugh along with your classmates, and lightly make fun of your teachers.

How would you describe the school's classroom environment?

I think especially in more discussion-oriented classes, I’ve noticed girls aren’t afraid to share their opinions. What I like is that discussion allows you to collaborate and share ideas.

The teachers are always very available to give extra help to students who need it. You can tell that they love the subject they teach, which I think is really important. I especially see that in my English classes; the teachers love the books they teach. They make funny comments, and notice special details that someone who hadn’t really enjoyed the text wouldn’t have noticed.

Which is your favorite Salesian Little Virtue?

My favorite Little Virtue is probably gentleness. I think it's important especially in today's fast-paced world. Gentleness can mean listening sympathetically or really just treating everyone with great care and respect. I see it in the faces of the girls in the hall at Visitation.

Why did you choose to audition for the Madrigals?

When I was looking at Visitation Open Houses and seeing all the different activities, I was amazed by watching the Madrigals. I’ve always loved to sing, so I thought it would be incredible to be a Madrigal and perform all over the city and country. Marika (Chorus Director) makes it really fun. You can tell she loves to sing, and she loves music. It’s not strict; it’s just a group of people who love to sing.

Isabel answered these questions in the spring of her sophomore year.