Ellie '19

Varsity Tennis, Basketball & Lacrosse Player
Additional Activities: Christian Action Service Club, Think Pink Club, Best Buddies Club, Admissions Ambassador

What is your favorite thing about Visitation?

It’s the sense of community. Before starting here, I’d always heard lots about the strong community, but this is nothing compared to what it’s actually like to be a Visitation student. Since my first day, everyone has always been so welcoming and inclusive. I think this is what makes Visi so unique; I love it because you’re friends with everyone. As a freshman, I was shocked when I would meet upperclassmen and we would say hi to each other in the halls or even hang out on or off campus. These friendships, which grow each year, will always stay with us.

Why did you choose to attend Visi?

I chose the school because of its amazing environment and community. So many people told me about all the fantastic memories and friendships they’d made at Visitation—and after my shadow day, when I experienced just a fraction of the great Visitation legacy, I immediately knew that it was the place for me.

Which class has been your favorite so far?

My science classes. Freshman year I was in Conceptual Physics and sophomore year I was in Honors Chemistry. It was so interesting to learn the “mechanics” behind some of the common parts of everyday life, like how circuits work or looking deeply at the components of light. Furthermore, I loved being able to actually apply the information we learned in a lab experiment. The combination of classroom instruction and hands-on work was the perfect balance and really enhanced my learning experience.

What is your favorite tradition?

I love Gold-White. Whether it's playing in the game, stomping with the cheerleaders, making costumes, going canning, or just cheering so much at the Pep Rally that you lose your voice, there is a role for everyone. The two Gold-Whites are highlights of my year—especially winter, because I play in the Basketball Game. I love the whole atmosphere. Gold-White is the perfect example of the Visitation community’s strength. Alumnae from all over, many in college or from out of state, come back to be a part of it again. The experience of Gold-White—being in the packed gym, screaming your heart out next to all your Visi sisters—is so hard to put into words. It’s truly like no other.

How is the learning environment unique?

The classroom experience at Visi is very personal. The classes are small enough that no student gets lost or forgotten, and you can have a much more direct learning experience. The teachers are very open to different discussions, and they will do all they can to help their students succeed. I think the fact that teachers really do want us to do well is what makes Visi classrooms special. If you’re ever having trouble, teachers love to work with you on whatever you need.

How do teachers make learning fun?

Visi teachers are very good about incorporating hands-on learning into their lessons. They make sure that we don’t just do very rigid learning. Instead, they let us do cool experiments or projects to apply our understanding. Furthermore, they let us have open conversations and friendly debates with each other and let us ask whatever questions we might have; they treat us like equals.

Which is your favorite Salesian Little Virtue?

My favorite is simplicity because it teaches us to live simply so that we can focus more on our relationship with God and just trusting in all that He will provide for us.

What is special about Visi athletics?

There is always something for everyone, whether it's playing on the court, keeping stats as a manager, or cheering in the stands. Also, there is such a wide variety of choices each season.

Why do you love playing sports here?

I love being able to compete for my school. Through Visi Athletics, I have been able to form and nurture friendships while playing the sports I love. Nothing is more fun than competing side-by-side with my friends and feeling the pride that comes from playing for our school.

What do you do outside of school?

I play travel basketball and lacrosse and swim for fun. I am also part of a group known as GirlsUp, which focuses on empowering young girls.

Ellie responded to these questions after her sophomore year.