Charlotte '20

Model United Nations Member, Suzuki Pianist
Additional Activities: Model United Nations, Suzuki Pianist, Asian Interest Club, Photography


What’s your favorite thing about Visi?

My favorite thing about Visi is the atmosphere that the teachers, students, and campus create. The teachers here care so much about the individual growth of each student and go out of their way to make each class fun and interesting. The students make me feel like I am part of one big family. Everyone is very welcoming and kind. Finally, the atmosphere that the campus creates makes this whole high-school experience so much better. There are beautiful gardens, huge trees, and paths to explore. Once a week, I take a nature walk here. I walk around and take pictures of the beauty around me, and it is both calming and refreshing. Even walking between classes I always feel at rest.

Why did you choose the school?

It was my dream to be in a school that could help me achieve my career goals. I could also see that there was a sisterhood here, where students took care of each other and were a family. I got a glimpse of this being a sibling of a Visi student. Most importantly, every woman in my family has had Catholic schooling over generations, starting in India.

Which class has been your favorite so far?

English. As someone who really enjoys reading and writing, I was able to practice essay writing numerous times, through our monthly reading logs and character sketches. In addition, in English I could contribute to daily class discussions and share my thoughts on recent books. I really liked how the small class size enabled everyone to have a chance to read aloud or share their insights on particular topics.

Which is your favorite Salesian Little Virtue?

It’s patience. When you have patience you can accomplish any task, big or small. When you are faced with something difficult, you can get through it with determination. Patience can be exercised in all activities, whether dealing with people or even yourself.

What have you learned from being in Model United Nations?

We got to attend a three-day conference called the North American Invitational Model United Nations, organized by Georgetown University, where we practiced speaking in front of many people. Being a reserved person, public speaking in front of a huge “global” audience was new for me, but I became confident. It might have seemed daunting at first, but I ended up enjoying it a lot!

The conference also gave me the chance to interact with people from countries around the world, such as China and Brazil. And I learned the importance of teamwork and dedication. For the three days, all of us had to represent a country or notable person and my team had to find other groups that shared the same ideas about our selected topic. After that, we worked hard on a shared paper between many “countries,” which forced me to work as a team member and not just as an individual.

You are also an avid artist. What’s art like at Visitation?

Art at Visi gives me the freedom to create and express myself. This means so much to me, because I am an artist and have won art awards throughout the years. As a freshman in Aesthetics, we had many projects where we could try out different art concepts and techniques. In addition, Mrs. Smith was such an engaging and entertaining teacher who had a real passion for art, and it showed through in her teaching.

What do you do outside of school?

I am a classical, Suzuki pianist through the Levine School of Music. I love to practice every chance I get, and I fully utilize all of the available pianos here on campus. In addition, I play the piano and sing for the elderly at an assisted living home on Sundays. I also regularly sing worship songs with my sister at our international church. I am also part of a teen bible quiz team that quotes bible chapters on a national level. Personally, I spend any free time making jewelry, taking nature walks, and drawing.

Charlotte answered these questions at the end of her freshman year.