Caroline '19

White Team Pep ‘n Spirit, Three-Sport Athlete

Additional Activities: Irish Dance Club, Environmental Club, Big Cat Rescue Club, American Sign Language Club, Think Pink Club, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Spring Tennis

What do you love about Visitation?

There are many things I love about Visi, but one that stands out and makes this such a unique place is all of the opportunities for travel and experiencing different parts of our country and the world! There are trips to Costa Rica, Spain, France, and Italy. I was lucky enough to be a part of the Irish Exchange Program my sophomore year. I was nervous to be hosting then living with a girl from a different country whom I had never met, but having several of my classmates by my side doing the same thing made it easier. The program turned out to be one of the most fantastic experiences in my entire life. I traveled with a group of amazing girls who became some of my best friends. The Visitation girls and the Irish girls still keep in touch and we are hoping to have a reunion someday!

Which class has been your favorite so far?

Surprisingly (even to me), French has become my favorite class! I am surprised only because I was kind of dreading it at first. It seemed overwhelming to me and I never felt like foreign language was going to be my “thing.” The French Department is outstanding and I was blessed to have Madame Brinkmann for French I and II. She was constantly keeping our class engaged with songs to remember rules for endings of certain nouns and games to recall vocabulary. I absolutely love the French class now and am definitely planning to on going to France one day to experience the culture firsthand. I still have a lot to learn, but learning all about the French language and culture has been fascinating and a true gift.

How do Visitation’s teachers make learning exciting?

The teachers here love to inspire their students to love learning. Every teacher is passionate about what he or she does and wants to help us find what we love. Another great aspect of the teachers is they are always open to meeting outside of class. By giving up their time for us, it shows how much they care about how we do in school.

The classroom environment is hands-on. Most teachers encourage some type of group work, game, experiment, technology, or video as a way to introduce a new topic in an interesting way. Open discussions are always encouraged, which is a great way to see different sides of an issue. The teachers are always open to hearing students’ different views. And there are a huge range of courses open to the students, which makes choosing classes hard, in a good way.

What makes our traditions so special?

Georgetown Visitation has unique traditions that make it different from other schools. I love Marshmallow Roast and Gold-White. Both are amazing for their own reasons. Marshmallow Roast is an opportunity for each class to bond and create something where everybody helped. As for Gold-White...

What do you love about Gold-White, which you’ve helped plan as White Team Pep ‘n Spirit?

Gold-White is definitely my favorite Visi tradition! I love that there is so much history and such a positive rivalry kept alive for so many years. It brings the whole school together and unites us as one. There is such energy and excitement during Gold-White Week that it’s almost like a holiday for Visi girls. It’s a time to bond with girls from different classes and grow closer to your own class. It’s amazing how many friendships are formed during carpools to Headquarters, making costumes, or collecting cans for the homeless. My favorite part is the Pep Rally, when the entire school comes together, along with families and alumnae, and everyone is so into the whole experience! It is nearly impossible to explain Gold-White to anybody outside Visi’s walls and you could never accurately describe the excitement and energy that really goes into it.

What do you love about Salesian Spirituality?

I feel like every student and faculty member at Visi has made Salesian Spirituality a way of life. My favorite Little Virtue is kindness. Kindness is the key to making friends, and having friends is what makes life amazing. It is nice to see so many smiles and hear so many hello’s when I walk across campus. Your kindness is the easiest gift to give someone and the gift they will always appreciate the most.

How are you involved in athletics?

I play volleyball, ice hockey, and spring tennis. I had never played volleyball or ice hockey before, but they have become some of my favorite sports. I have also been lucky to be involved with Visitation's Athletic Association since freshman year. AA is our student government branch responsible for planning events like Gold-White, Marshmallow Roast, and the AA Mixer. Being a part of the Athletic Association has given me countless opportunities to put my creativity to use and help plan memorable events for the school. I love having a role in supporting these amazing Visitation traditions!

What do you do outside of Visitation?

I love to paint whenever I have time, even though I’m not the best artist. I also enjoy doing yoga—it is a great outlet for relaxing and clearing my head. And I have always liked baking for family and friends, but now I am working on a service project that provides homemade treats to the kids at the NIH Children’s Inn.

Caroline answered these questions at the end of her sophomore year.