Bella '20

Tech Crew Member, Rugby Player, Cartoonist
Additional Activities: Art Club, “Georgetowner” literary magazine

Bella '20

What do you love about Visitation?

I love the environment here. My classmates are all friendly and fun to be around, and it's a great experience to go to school at a place with such rich traditions and history. Ever since I first shadowed I've felt like Visi was a safe, healthy, welcoming learning environment where everyone wants the best for each other.

Why did you choose to come here?

Since kindergarten I've wanted to go to the renowned all-girls school right next to Georgetown University that my parents had been talking about for as long as I can remember. I had visited a few other Catholic high schools in the area, but none of them seemed to have Visi's warm, welcoming community. I'm glad I made the decision that I did.

What is your favorite class?

Probably English. I've always loved reading and talking about things I've read, so analyzing literature is a lot of fun for me. It's also really cool to listen to other girls' interpretations of what we've read, because I hear all these interesting perspectives I hadn't thought of before. When it comes to making and defending arguments in written assignments, it helps that I have a lot of opinions and can get very passionate about them.

Which is your favorite tradition?

Marshmallow Roast. I think it's awesome that everyone at Visitation is close enough that we can poke a bit of fun at each other like that. Besides, who doesn't like s'mores, campfires, and watching skits put together by classmates?

What makes learning at Visitation unique?

The classroom environment is one of the things I really like about Visi. The classes are relatively small and allow for closer relationships between girls and more time for teachers to help individual students. In class, I always feel comfortable discussing ideas with others and asking for help when necessary.

How do the teachers here bring out the best in their students?

I feel like I can talk to all of my teachers. They're not at all judgmental, so I'm not hesitant when it comes to asking and answering questions. The teachers really want everyone to excel, and are really helpful when a student doesn't understand something or needs some extra help.

What do you like about Salesian Spirituality?

I like Salesian Spirituality because it’s a reminder that helping others isn't a competition. You don't have to cure every disease or end world hunger to be a good person. Doing good can be as simple as helping someone with a homework problem or foregoing a croissant one day to give a dollar to a good cause. A little friendliness goes a long way.

What has being on Tech Crew taught you?

Tech Crew has taught me a lot of things: don't strip screws, cut on the scrap side, and don't stop the saw while it's still in the wood. But most importantly, it's taught me that a team of dedicated people, some time, and a lot of tape can accomplish anything. Twice this year I've been blown away when I see the finished set and just think to myself, “Wow, we built this!” We, with our own hands and drills and saws, created something grand.

What do you love most about art at Visi?

There are so many amazing artists here. I love being in Art Club because every Wednesday I get to be amazed by girls’ talents as I watch them develop works for the Art Show. While it is a little intimidating to be an amateur cartoonist in a room full of girls who can paint things you wouldn't believe came from a high school student, everyone in the club is really supportive and encouraging. Art Club is a place where you can go to just relax, be creative, and talk to other young artists.

What do you do outside of school?

Drawing is a hobby of mine. My sisters and I perform Polynesian dances for events like Pacific Night at the New Zealand Embassy in D.C. We were actually the first Polynesians to perform at the National Shrine!

Bella responded to these questions after her freshman year.