Visitation students have plentiful opportunities to realize St. Francis's exhortation to "Be who you are and be that well." Through superb academics, arts and athletics, co-curricular activities, religious study, retreats, and service, girls explore and achieve their potential. Just as importantly, they realize that to become their best selves, they must not only discover their God-given gifts, but use them for others. Our well-rounded and well-balanced students become assured and involved graduates who contribute meaningfully, in college and beyond.

Get to Know Visi Girls, Teachers & Alumnae

Frances '20
Service Aficionado, Tennis Player
"It is hard to pick one thing I love most about Visitation. I have grown to appreciate the unique sense of spirituality, the genuine girls, and the beautiful campus that I get to walk across everyday."
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Sr. Sylvie
Sister Sylvie Guerron
Sister of the Visitation
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Senam '19
Junior Class President, Kaleidoscope Member

"I chose Visitation because on my shadow day, I was engaged and excited in a way that I wasn't at other schools. The students who showed me around took the time to explain the different aspects of life at Visitation, and their love for the school was apparent."

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Dr. Nancy Cowdin
Science Teacher, Neuroscientist

"My scholarship off-campus prompts me to integrate research into my classes."
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Maggie Rose '06
Recording Artist, Songwriter
"My respect for women was galvanized here."
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Bella '20
Tech Crew, Cartoonist

"Ever since I first shadowed I've felt like Visi was a safe, healthy, welcoming learning environment where everyone wants the best for each other."

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Caroline 19
Caroline '19
White Team Pep ‘n Spirit
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Susan Rajnic Paperini '93
Senior Engineering Program Manager, Google Cloud Platform

"The number of women who study computer science was low when I attended college. I’m not sure how I would have reacted to the male-dominated culture without the strong foundation that Visi provided me, pushing me to tackle challenging academics and believe in myself."

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Katrina Fludd '04
Senior Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Princeton

"Visi’s all-girls environment helped me focus on developing into the best version of myself."
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Will Farquhar, J.D.
History Teacher
"Girls come to class open to new ideas."
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Elizabeth "Biz" Wittschen
Religion Teacher
"I hope my students learn to look critically at the world (laws, societal norms, and cultures) and ask how being a woman of faith changes the way we engage with others and the world. I hope my students wrestle with questions like: How can I use my gifts in service to others?"
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Kelli Smith
Emily '19
"Wicket" Student Newspaper Editor, Kaleidoscope Member

"Being a student here has been such a blessing because I have been able to participate in so much and venture beyond my comfort zone. For example, I played ice hockey last winter. The environment here really fosters an openness to try new things and encourages students to achieve personal growth beyond academics."

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Sofia '19
Science Fair Winner
"Students are very engaged, and certain classes are more of a group discussion among teachers and students."
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Ellie '19
Three Sport Athlete
"Everyone has always been so welcoming."
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Emma Lingan '12
Assistant Director, Educational Resources, United States Baseball Federation (USA Baseball)

"The high academic standards I developed at Visitation gave way to the high career aspirations I developed in college. By far my most gratifying experiences, both in academia and in my career, have been those in which I was challenged, either by an outside force or simply by myself. I refuse to take the easy way out of anything."
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Charlotte '20
Model United Nations Member
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Peggy Judge Hamilton 85
Peggy Judge Hamilton '85
English Teacher, Diversity Co-Coordinator

"I want them to see why great literature resonates with us and sheds light on our condition as human beings; how we also can learn about ourselves as well as others through reading fiction."
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Kati Krueger 99
Kati Hylden Krueger '99
Math Department Chair, Salesian Ministry Team Member

"Our students are the kindest, most intellectually talented people you will ever get to know."
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Sr. Mary Berchmans
Visitation Monastery Mother Superior, Alumna
"It is a joy to see girls' happiness here."
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Mary Kate Blaine
Mary Kate Blaine
"Our dedicated faculty have a passion for helping our students and for their subject matter, and this shines through their lessons and interactions. Visi teachers’ love of learning and serving fosters these qualities in our students."
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John Arias
Catherine Paul
Catherine Paul '09
Master of Social Work Candidate, Former Fulbright Scholar

"My studies and my work inspire me every day to work harder and be the best version of myself so that I may serve others to the best of my ability. Social work is very strengths-based and resiliency-focused. It gives me great hope and energy."

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