Dr. Barbara McGraw Edmondson is Visitation's eighth Head of School.

Dr. Edmondson has spent her entire career in Catholic education. After earning her BA in psychology and an MA in educational psychology from Montclair State University, she attained an EdD in human development at George Washington University. Prior to joining Visitation, Dr. Edmondson served as the Chief Leadership and Program Officer at the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA), overseeing the development of a vision for Catholic school education in the United States.

Before working at NCEA, Dr. Edmondson spent 25 years both in the classroom and as an administrator in Catholic schools. Dr. Edmondson served as the Superintendent of Catholic Schools in Baltimore, overseeing 68 schools, including 13 independent high schools. In 2017, Archbishop William Lori honored her with the Doris Musil Award for Excellence in Catholic Education for her work directing the development and execution of a school governance model, revising curriculum, establishing a comprehensive teacher certification protocol, and developing partnerships with three Catholic universities.

Dr. Edmondson also has experience leading at the school level. In 2000, she founded a new inter-parish elementary school, overseeing the creation of two strategic plans and fundraising more than $10 million to help establish and transform the school during her decade of service. The Archdiocese of Baltimore recognized her outstanding work by naming her its Distinguished Principal in 2004.

Leadership Team

Sue Foreman

Sue Foreman

Academic Dean
Raynetta Jackson-Clay

Raynetta Jackson-Clay

Dean of Student Life
Christine McGovern

Christine McGovern

Dean of Faculty/English Department

Board of Directors

While sustaining the unique history, character, and Salesian tradition of Georgetown Visitation, the Board is responsible for the operational integrity of the school and for the visionary planning that will ensure that the school remains strong both financially and academically.

2021-2022 Board Members

Shawn McLaughlin

Sr. Mary Berchmans Hannan ’48 & '50
President Emerita & Monastery Superior

Dr. Barbara McGraw Edmondson
Head of School

Diana Vilmenay Hammond '00
Vice Chair

Anne Dammen Boyden '76
Kathleen Brogan '99
Michael Bruckwick
William T. Crittenberger
Kathleen Curtin '79
Veronica Ewald '89
James Gillespie
Sister Joanne Gonter, Ex Officio
Peter Hamm, MD
Anne Griffith Hennessy '79

David Hilal
Joseph Hynds
Julie O'Malley Moeller '93
Timothy Moran
Maureen Davenport '93
Pam Oetgen, Ex Officio
Megan Lucy Rounsaville '99
Tanya Washington Stern '88
Mark Tuohey
Rev. Michael C. Vannicola, OSFS
Natasha Zech '95

2019-2020 Board of Directors