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New Year's Resolutions
Kati Krueger '99, Mathematics Department Chair

Ah January! A time to take down the Christmas tree! A time to get back into the swing of things! A time to make New Year's Resolutions! Mathematics Department Chair, Kati Krueger is devoted to New Year's resolutions and she tells us about her plan for the year here. She shares some great ideas that may help you with your own New Year's resolutions.

Yes, I make New Year's resolutions in January, in September, in Advent, and in Lent.

I think taking each of these new beginning moments to reflect on where I am, where I've grown or fallen, and where I want to go is an important part of Salesian Spirituality. I need to look at myself from time to time, patiently and with forgiveness for the times I haven't lived up to what I know God is calling me to. I ask humbly and gratefully for the gifts of grace, relationships, and even accomplishments that God has bestowed on me.

What is the horizon of growth for me and how do I get there?

What kinds of resolutions have I made? Well in January my resolutions tend to be more about personal care. Yes physically, I have set the stereotypical weight-loss goals, especially after having my babies. Last year my resolution was to read more books about life in different cultures, trying to better understand what I take for granted and what I can learn from someone else's shoes. I have made changes to my family life, such as balancing the kids' extra-curricular opportunities and play-dates.

In September, my resolutions are much more focused on my professional life as a teacher. I often leave myself a note at the end of a school year, right in the top of my desk drawer about areas to grow in. Then when I arrive back at school, that note is one of the first things I look at as I plan for welcoming my students. In Advent, the focus on the gift of the Incarnation and giving the graces God has bestowed on me back to others is always a call to resolutions about gratitude and generosity. This usually exhibits itself in resolutions about how to treat other people, such as more thank yous, more full attention when we are together, or more intentional phone calls across long distances to keep the emotional distance small.

In Lent, my resolutions are more focused on how I can up my game in my direct relationship with God. For example, I have added weekly lunchtime mass, reading the daily Gospel, bi-weekly adoration to my prayer life.

Do I keep my resolutions? Most of these resolutions are hard to tell if I really have met them or not. Some quantifiable things I have met, and then slipped back out of the habit. Others are purposely ongoing and still others I actively discerned aren't any longer where I need to put my time and energy.

This year, I realize that I am operating at about 120% capacity, like most Visi girls, and I have resolved to be kind to myself, being honest when I need some balance and not overextending past doing what I have been entrusted to do well.

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