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John Whittaker, Religion Teacher

Teaching social justice and politics to brilliant and talented students here in Washington D.C. is one of the most challenging yet energizing careers. Every topic discussed seems to be laden with passionate reflection and ardent speech.

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A Life Devoted to Advocating for Animals and the Environment
Monica Tierney Teves '94

At a very young age, I remember discovering a passion for animals and the environment. There was no single catalyst and my family wasn't particularly into nature. I, myself, wasn’t even a big outdoors person. But for some reason, I became an environmental activist. I think it just must have been part of God’s plan.

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Alice Smith '95 Will Perform The Kennedy Center Saturday
Moira McLaughlin

Alice Smith '95, who once sang with the Visitation Gospel Choir, is a professional musician based out of LA. This year she will release her third album (as yet named) and will perform with Grammy-winning vocalist Bilal in a pre-Valentine's Day show, "For Lovers Only" on Feb. 10 at The Kennedy Center.´╗┐

"In general I'm a person that feels like if I do my best to be really honest and true, and my authentic self, and if I feel free in that and good about being that, than I feel like that's when you get a lot out of music."

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New Year's Resolutions
Kati Krueger '99, Mathematics Department Chair

Ah January! A time to take down the Christmas tree! A time to get back into the swing of things! A time to make New Year's Resolutions! Mathematics Department Chair, Kati Krueger is devoted to New Year's resolutions and she tells us about her plan for the year here. She shares some great ideas that may help you with your own New Year's resolutions.

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Hope in the Midst of Suffering
by John Whittaker, Religion Teacher

Every morning as I drive to work, I have an opportunity catch up on the latest news. Political pundits and radio news hosts provide updates on politics and issues happening in America and around the world.  The morning of Monday, October 2 was no different. As I was driving to work, listening to the radio, I began to hear about the dreadful events that had transpired the previous night. A man in a Las Vegas hotel room had shot at crowd of over 20,000 people who were gathered for a country music concert. My heart sank and I paused. Hearing about the number of people killed and the number of injures was distressing and saddening. Rapid thoughts of past violent attacks at Sandy Hook Elementary School and Columbine High School overwhelmed me. I thought to myself, what is the Christian Church to do about this again? How will I address this to my students? How do I communicate Christian hope and love in the midst of such tragedy?

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National Catholic Sisters Week: Thank a Sister!
Caroline Handorf

This week Georgetown Visitation celebrated our Visitation Sisters as part of National Catholic Sisters Week. Created to honor women religious during Women's History Month, National Catholic Sisters Week shines a spotlight of recognition and gratitude on all women religious and raises awareness of their profound influence on young women.

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