All-Girls Advantage

For more than 200 years, Visitation women have broken boundaries and built communities of respect, paving the way for their sisters behind them. Beginning with its founding, Visitation has led the country in the advancement of education for young women.

As a proud member of the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools, our school community recognizes how the safety of an all-girls school nurtures students to become more confident and to take intellectual and social risks at the critical juncture of adolescence. Our teachers understand girls learn best when closely connected with one another and their teachers. We intentionally create opportunities to lead, question, and collaborate inside and outside of the classroom. After four years with us, a young woman leaves 35th Street confident in her faith, herself, and her capacity to bring about change.

At All-Girls Schools, Students Have












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Scientific research, daily experience, and feedback from our students clearly indicate the ways that an all-girl environment helps girls to hone their voice, pursue academic excellence, try new things, and learn to lead. Visitation’s mission is simultaneously timeless and vitally urgent. Our all-girls environment empowers Visitation women to be both attentive and responsive to our "rapidly changing and morally complex world." We draw from the power of our past -- even in the midst of a dynamic present and future.



One of the benefits of an all-girls school is that every leadership position is held by a girl, so even if you yourself do not hold a leadership position, you are still surrounded by positive role models of strong female leadership. I think that girls at an all-girls school graduate with the expectation that they will be leaders. I am fully aware of the reality of predominantly male leadership, particularly in the sports industry, but I graduated from Visitation armed with the tools and the leadership experience that I needed to 'break into' a male-dominated field with confidence in my abilities.
Emma Lingan '12, USA Baseball

Sisterhood In the Words of Charlotte Sendi '17

Students on Confidence

"Every girl here has given me a sense of true confidence and strength I never felt before." - Tatsie Masters '20

"I've gained confidence from having such strong female role models in the upperclassmen, and my peers have given me great support in developing as a student, leader, and overall person." - Jill Gollob '18

"Since I go to an all-girls school, I’m much more confident in giving answers in class, running for office, and showing and supporting my views and values." - Sophie Torres '19

"At Visitation, I have been able to try so many new things, without fear of people judging me. Visi has given me so many amazing opportunities." - Gina DeChristopher '19

"Girls speak their minds and lead without barriers and fear of judgement." - Sheridan Monroe ‘18

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There are countless ways to lead and have fun through our wide variety of student activities, including arts, athletics, school government, publications, and more.

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Strong and gentle, proud yet humble, spirited and spiritual, our students embrace the Salesian emphasis on balance, achieving harmony as well as great things.

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