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  • Kate Egan Winslow '79

  • CL & ML McNamara (Brigit '15, Kathleen '12, Margaret '09)

    Positively affecting our daughters for life.

  • John & Kathy Routt (Jessica '02)

    The tuition assistance we received made it possible for our daughter to attend Visitation. Now we want to give back so another family in need can do the same.

  • Andrea Ellis Lynch '89

    Thank you.

  • Bobbie Shea OHare '67

    Visitation and the Sisters have been and continue to be important in my life. I believe in women's only education and am grateful to have spent my high school years at Visitation.

  • MJ Berman

    In memory of my wife Annie Louie Bayly '94

  • Haley Anderson '07

    So that I can have a part in improving Visitation's reputation and academic standing in the future.

  • Jonathan & Carol Mudd (Ella '20)

    As it was with her sister, cousins and aunts before her, Visitation is proving to be the right place for Ella!

  • Mr. and Mrs. John Rozier (Teresa '18)

  • Tommy and Karen Gletner (Mary '20)

    Georgetown Visitation is a special place for Catholic young women to learn and grow spiritually. I am grateful that my daughter Mary is attending the school and want to ensure Visitation remains financially strong.

  • Colleen Flynn Williams '03

    To support a great school!

  • Beth Jenkins Bromberg '64

    I continue to appreciate the value of my education and my friends from Visitation.

  • Jane Cahill Newstedt '83

    My family is so grateful for the love and prayers from our Visitation community. Thank you!

  • The Hurt Family

    To support a wonderful school, our daughters' alma mater, and its vital mission

  • Sara Dorsey Reilly HS'72

    Visitation is woven into the fabric of my family, and I am profoundly grateful for all that means.

  • Kathleen O'Neill Bocek '64

    I donated to show my support, appreciation, and fondness for the Sisters and the Visitation Family.

  • Justine M Whelan

    Remembering all that Visi gave me and couldn't help but smile this Monday!

  • Mariah and Marty McGuinness

    Proud to support such a terrific school!

  • Kate McDonough '99

    In memory of Mary Guay '78.

  • Christine Basso Fitzgerald

    Visitation has given me friendships that have lasted for the past 22 years and counting. I recently moved nearby and am grateful for the time spent at Visitation that I have carried with me throughout my life.

  • Shannon Casserly-Doerr

    Great education and preparation for college.

  • Brian and Leslie Garcia

    To support the needs of students and other programs at Visitation. We have had an incredible experience so far these past three years and are blessed and fortunate to be able to say that we are Visi parents.

  • Stan and Mary Taylor

    We have deep appreciation and love for the Sisters, faculty, and staff for all they do for the school and have done for our daughters.

  • Margaret-Beth Nott Meyer

    Though my gift is small, my appreciation for my time spent at Visitation is great. God Bless Y'all!

  • Karen V. White Wiggins

    Visitation gave me a great experience and donating can have a lasting impact on future generations. Love my Visi Sisters.

  • Peggy Judge Hamilton

    Sr. Berchmans and Mrs. Canney are my heroes!

  • Megan McDonald '04

  • Christine Schmertz Navarro

    gratitude for excellent education

  • Jeanne Walsh Parlin

    I love Visitation! I have incredible memories of my time there. We have a deep family history and everything about Visitation holds a special place in my heart. Go Gold Team!

  • Katie Kolbe '11

    Visitation remains in my thoughts every day and I credit my success from Visitation to Cornell and now to a business career in Boston to my experience at Visitation.

  • Meghan Gick Ryan

    I want to continue to support the education and growth of strong, independent, and intelligent women.

  • Anthony M. O'Connor, Jr.

    In memory of my beloved wife, Mary Susan Kearing.

  • Kathleen O'Neill Bocek

    I owe not only fond memories, life-long friendships, and values that have served me in my personal and professional life but a way to find happiness in everything and goodness in everyone. Sr. de Sales was my example.

  • Patrick and Michele Rafferty (Erin' 15)

  • Joan Hartnett Owen

    Loved the school and the teachers. Great education.

  • Jenny Barchas

    Visitation prepared me for academic achievement, instilled self confidence, and initiated a series of lifelong female friendships.

  • Anne Mesmer

    I want to contribute to Visitation's mission as it continues to strive for excellence and empower women to be innovative thinkers, benevolent change agents and community leaders.

  • Eric & Marianne Billings

    Life long friends from Visitation!

  • Kara O'Brien Ghassabeh

    I love Visiation!

  • Kristin Abrials

    My contribution is for all the wonderful spiritual and academic foundations. My life has been enriched because of the Visi experience. Thank you!!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Franko

  • Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. Giblin

    We love Visitation!

  • Peter Flynn

    Georgetown Visitation remains important to my family.

  • Sidonie Becton

    Just trying to make a small difference.

  • Elizabeth Wittschen and Mark Consilvio

    We donated to support the strong academic programs.

  • Katy & Bryan Anderson

    Southern Company is proud to support the communities we serve.

  • Helen W. Curtin '53

    I am so proud of what the school was then as well as was it has become.

  • Molly Donahue

    I am a proud alumna of Georgetown Visitation and want to ensure that the future generations have the same opportunities provided to me.

  • Michele Mulholland France

    40 years ago I met forever friends. Visitation helps your heart grow.

  • Kelly & Brian Hanlon

    We are happy to donate to help other young ladies receive a quality education.

  • Bridget Madden Moore

    God bless Visitation.

  • Dr. and Mrs. Bassam Atiyeh

    We are so proud to be part of the Visitation community. We cannot thank the sisters, the staff and the teachers for what they have done and continue to do for our daughters. We do feel Visitation is our second home.

  • Sara Dorsey Reilly

    In loving memory of Sister DeSales for all she taught me to love in this world.

  • Elizabeth Dibble

    Thanks to Visitation for the wonderful education my daughters received.

  • Dr. Theresa M. Sandwith (Hughes)

  • Fred and Laura Tan

    Grateful for Visi!

  • Sharon McGuire Keegan

    I appreciate the foundation that Visitation provided me. I value the community.

  • Elaine McDonald Culverhouse

    Visitation gave me a wonderful start in life, gave me a love of books and of learning. I have such fond memories of my 4 years there.

  • Mary Anne Schnider

    Donating to Georgetown Visitation assures me that the school will continue to provide the high quality of education and teachers that taught me years ago.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Avart

    We feel very blessed to have our daughter Catherine educated at Georgetown Visitation.

  • Katherine Orlando Allman

    I gave because of the teachers at Visitation. Their dedication and desire for us to develop a passion for learning was unparallelled.

  • Stephanie O'Donnell Geary

    We love Visitation!

  • Alessandra Davidson Lundin

    My best girlfriends are still my Visi gang!

  • Tricia Rubacky '73

    I was very moved by the service for Sr. De Sales whom I admired greatly for her joy of life and sense of humor! I look forward to coming back to Visi soon.

  • Jane Fall-Dickson

    The wonderful educational experience my daughter had at Visi needs to be supported for future students.

  • Anonymous

    Visitation will forever be a place that enabled my daughter to learn, grow, make friends and build a foundation of love, trust and courage that will be with her all of her life. Our family is blessed to continue to be a part of this wonderful community.

  • Ellen McGovern Hatherill

    Giving to this very special place is always an honor!

  • Katie Conry

    I gave because at Visitation I discovered a love for learning, developed lifelong friendships, and grew in my faith. Go Gold Team!

  • Aleta Spitaleri

    I cherish my Visitation experience and my Visitation family!

  • Cecily Winchell

    My daughter, Lindsay Lupo Howley, is an alum. Her daughter, Morgan Howley, is a current student. I have always loved the Visitation community and was so pleased when both girls chose the school.

  • Clare C. Foley

    I am the woman I am today because of the education and support I received at Visitation. I am blessed everyday to have enjoyed such a rich, faith-filled experience and to have learned alongside such brilliant and selfless women.

  • Pippa Davidson Riley

    I have great memories from my 4 years at Visitation and hope that other girls have the opportunity to experience the same!

  • Clare Battista

    I am so thankful for everything that came from my Visitation experience and I hope that all future alumnae feel the same way. GO WHITE TEAM!

  • Brody Mullins

  • Elizabeth Pearson

    I donate in honor of the wonderful education and community that I experienced at Visitation. I also honor the memory of my friend, Elizabeth White.

  • Cara Snyder McVie '90

    I donated in gratitude to the sisters, the teachers, the parents, and the classmates -- for the wonderful place that they have made Visitation and that Visitation will continue to be.

  • Cami Thompson

    My experience and friendships at Visitation still make an amazing positive impact on my daily life and I hope others can continue to have that gift.

  • Michele Sullivan

    Visitation gave me a love of learning, a curiosity about the world, a great friend, and loving support when I needed it.

  • Judith B Taylor

    The Visitation experience and its intellectual richness influenced my life and love of learning in many positive ways.

  • Charles & Marylou McNamara

    Visitation's timeless mission to educate and inspire young women who do make a difference in the world in which they thrive.

  • Richard Kasting and Susan Oursler (Anna '16)

    Proud Visitation parents!

  • Olya Duzey and Robert Whalen

    Our daughter, Anya Whalen, is an alumna of Georgetown Visitation, where she had a great education and grew in many other ways, including theater. We're happy to support Visitation in its continuing mission.

  • Mary Beth Ryan

    In support of the annual fund.

  • Robyn Harrison Alexander

    I'm still connected with many from my Visi class. All successful women, we still can get together and laugh about fond memories and awkward moments from our teenage years!

  • Madeleine M Btown

    Visitation has always been very important to me. I am still close with my high school friends.

  • Erin Kinsella Piper

    Annual support of Visitation

  • Sarah Minard Burianek

    I donated because of the intellectual stimualtion I received, the friendships I made and the strength I gained from every person I encountered at Visitation.

  • Walter and Betsy Lohmann

    We always feel welcome at Visitation!

  • Ann M Barse

    I donated because I realized the value of my education at Georgetown Visitation more as I grew older. I hope to help other young women benefit as I did.

  • Lauren Gorman Northrop

    My mother was JC '50 and she always gave to Visi while she was alive. We give in memory of Eileen McGolrick Murphy and in thanks for all the Visi did for me and so many young women through the years.

  • Brain Handelman, D.D.S.

    Suzanne had been a long standing, wonderful patient!

  • Susan Beattie Bartlett

    I love Visitation even 54 years later. Visitation has left an imprint on my soul. I am so very grateful I was able to receive the blessing of a Visitation education/formation.

  • Elizabeth and Steve Kaplan

    We are happy to support Visitation in honor of our three daughters.

  • Tony Surak & Mary Wu

    Go Visi!

  • Beth Jenkins Bromberg '64

    I appreciate the quality education I received.

  • Erin Toland

    25th Reunion!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Boyd

    Visitation is helping our daughter to develop in every way - spiritual, intellectual, social, physical. It truly is the place for a 21st century girl to "be who you are, and be that well."

  • Radolf Laboratory, UCHC

    In honor of Kaye Karanian.

  • Lydia Calio Strunk

  • Molly Smith Molloy

    Every single day I'm thankful for the skills and education I received there. Thanks Visi!

  • Mr & Mrs Bryan Cullen

    Happy to help!

  • Hilary Branson Provinse

    Visitation was the building block of my educational success and generated lifelong friendships and values!

  • Anne-Marie Ribas Coakley

    Go Visi!

  • Terrence and Margaret O'Donnell

    We're so happy to support the wonderful school that educated and formed the character of our three daughters.

  • Kerry Hannon Friedewald '05

    I love my Visitation family, and we are very excited that our son Freddy will be baptized in the Visitation Chapel this spring!

  • Michele Singer Ross '82

    The Ross family is proud to support the Sisters, the school, and the caring community they create.

  • Bernard and Jennifer Cook (Lucy '19)

  • Amanda K. Lockhart '96

    For the great friends and memories I have from Visitation.

  • Lauren Gorman Northrop

    My mother was JC '50 and she always gave to Visi while she was alive. We give in memory of Eileen McGolrick Murphy and in thanks for all the Visi did for me and so many young women through the years.

  • Ann M Barse '75

    I donated because I realized the value of my education at Georgetown Visitation more as I grew older. I hope to help other young women benefit as I did.

  • Walter and Betsy Lohmann '07

    We always feel welcome at Visitation!

  • Sarah Minard Burianek '92

    I donated because of the intellectual stimualtion I received, the friendships I made and the strength I gained from every person I encountered at Visitation.

  • Robyn Harrison Alexander '86

    I'm still connected with the many from my Visi class. All successful women, we still can get together and laugh about fond memories and awkward moments from our teenage years!

  • Edmund and Christine Amorosi '83 (Grace '16, Elizabeth '17)

    To support a great school

  • Madeleine M Brown '65

    Visitation has always been very important to me. I am still close with my high school friends.

  • Olya Duzey and Robert Whalen (Anya '06)

    Our daughter, Anya Whalen, is an alumna of Georgetown Visitation, where she had a great education and grew in many other ways, including theater. We're happy to support Visitation in its continuing mission.

  • Charles & Marylou McNamara (Maragaret '09, Kathleen '12)

    Visitation's timeless mission to educate and inspire young women who do make a difference in the world in which they thrive.

  • Judith B Taylor JC '62

    The Visitation experience and its intellectual richness influenced my life and love of learning in many positive ways.

  • Michele Sullivan '65

    Visitation gave me a love of learning, a curiosity about the world, a great friend, and loving support when I needed it.

  • Hart Elizabeth Franko '04

    Couldn't have asked for a better four years!

  • Heather Foley '87

    Visitation is where friends and memories were forged - you can make new Visi friends but you can't make new old Visi friends!

  • Valasie August

    Visitation was an remarkable experience for my daughter, and I only wish we had legacy girls going there too but my granddaughters live in PA:)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederic J. Hueber

    To support need based scholarships.

  • Jack and Marie (Roe) Matthews '59

    Visitation is like no other "place" ... It is love; It is the provenance of who we are meant to be; It is the future of our best world ... And I want to help make it the "place" for other young women.

  • Joseph & Patricia Reyda (Caroline '19)


  • Paul and Nicole Sheehy (Emily '19)

    A wonderful school!

  • Family of Marilyn Hess

    My mother's years working in the development office were a tremendous blessing to her - meaningful employment yes, but more importantly being surrounded by wonderful people and God's loving presence.

  • Tom and Liz Corwin (Kathleen '98)

    Our daughters loved and thrived at Visitation. They made lifelong friends there and we loved being a part of the Visitation community.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Hurley (Claire '13)

    In appreciation for the outstanding education and memories.

  • John and Veronica Rozier (Teresa '18)

    We want to support the excellent education that GV provides to all its students. Thank you!

  • Terri and Matt Tanielian (Amanda '15)

    To support scholarships for deserving students.

  • Beatrice and Ronald Alexander

    We believe in Catholic education.

  • Jack and Terry O'Hara Lavoie

    We are happy to support Visitation. It is a very special place and we consider it a gift to see our daugther grow and thrive there.

  • Kathleen E. Sullivan '06

    Pleased to start giving back to my alma mater.

  • Teresa Beyer Veith '76

    To support a great institution so that the experience I enjoyed can continue for others in the future.

  • Lesia and Boro Dropulic (Adri '15, Christina '18)

    Visitation is a wonderful place that nurtures the mind, body, and soul. We feel very fortunate and grateful that our daughters have been able to experience it.

  • Lesia and Boro Dropulic (Adri '15, Christina '18)

    Visitation is a wonderful place that nurtures the mind, body, and soul. We feel very fortunate and grateful that our daughters have been able to experience it.

  • Maryellen Butke '79

    I loved my four years at Visitation and am happy to give back.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Munter (Megan '17)

    There is no other school like Visitation. It is the best!

  • Allen and Andrea Taylor (Alexandra '18)

    In appreciation for the excellent academic and spiritual foundation that Visitation is providing our daughter, Alexandra! We hope our donation will help to provide other young women an opportunity to attend Visitation and become part of this amazing community!

  • Joan Monaco Byrne '57

    I think it is important to support all of Georgetown Visitation's endeavors because it is such a wonderful school.

  • Lea Iskandar '19

    Donation is part of my Christian faith.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Wallace (Sara '16)

    Joining the Visitation community has had a lifelong joyous impact on our daughter and family.

  • Kelly Edwards '97

    Hope we hit the goal! Good luck!

  • Mary Hoogland Noon '61

    With continued gratitude for the spiritual and academic education of Georgetown Visitation,

  • Elizabeth Keller '08

    I love Visitation!

  • Suzanne Colligan

    Love of Visitation and the gift of it's community and spirituality.

  • Michael and Mary DeChristopher (Gina '19)

    We are grateful for Visitation's commitment to develop young woman of faith, vision and purpose and are honored to be part of such a wonderful community.

  • Tom & Janene Mitchell (Ellie '18)

    We are pleased to support the wonderful traditions of Visitation and the school's development of woman of faith, vision and purpose!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Rourke (Reilly '17)

    Thank you Sisters of Visitation!

  • Eileen Zorc '96

    I was at an event today which a local girl's school in Hawaii was sponsoring and the girls participating were so confident and inspiring. It reminded me of how proud I am of Visitation and of the ongoing generations of great graduates it is producing.

  • Ken and Virginia Foley

    Supporting Georgetown Visitation and ensuring our daughters have the best all- around experience is very important.

  • Kevin and Pamela Atkinson (Kyra '18)

    We count it an honor to be able to contribute to a fund that will help this great school attain beneficial goals.

  • The Ryan Family

    Our world needs more people who think of others before themselves. Visitation does such a wonderful job of preparing young women of purpose and conscience.

  • Carl, Susie & Sophie ;19 Moyer

    Sophie is a freshman this year. One of the aspects of Visitation that attracted her was the sense of community and traditions. We believe that contributing is one way to support these ideals.

  • John and Heather Loome (Olivia '16)

    To continue to serve undepriveleged and students in need

  • Sara Frances Patricia Houk '66

    Visitation is with me every day, 24/7. I am extremely grateful that my parents let me choose to attend boarding school there. How unfortunate that there are only "day-hops" attending, now. On the other hand, my alumna status assisted with my great-nephew/god-son's entry into Visitation in St. Paul :) He hopes to be entering Notre Dame in the fall of 2016.

  • Meg Snyder Thompson '88

    Visitation and the Sisters and teachers were a home to me during my high school years. I am forever grateful for them for installing in me the salesian values.

  • Flynn Family (Sofia '19)

    Georgetown Visitation has been the perfect fit for our daughter, we can't imagine our sweet pea anywhere else but Visi.

  • Scott & Kathy Stroud (Maura '10)

    Visitation is allowing my daughter to grow in so many aspects of her life and she comes home with a smile.

  • Craig and Marion Koenigs (Caroline '17)

    For providing our daughter, Caroline, a wonderful high school experience.

  • Mary Ellen Spaniol Reed '73

    Devotion to the Visitation community.

  • Kate Egan Winslow' 79

    Visitation provides a foundation for a lifetime -- a foundation of friends, learning, and giving. What could be more important?

  • Gabrielle Cassell McClarty-Roberts '76

    Fond memories of family and friends.

  • Michele Beauvais Sullivan '65

    Great education, Great values, Great support

  • John and Mia DeWitt (Julia' 19)

    We are happy to support a wonderful school.

  • Scott & Colleen Sport (Cate '11, Lauren '15)

    I've got two daughters, one just graduated and another is a junior, I like Visi and the values that the school is helping me to instill in my children

  • Lourdes M. Bufill '75

    GVC is and will always be an important part of my life. I am grateful for having been a student and for the friends and teachers who I still love.

  • Elizabeth Strenio Buchner '00

    Visitation gave me an excellent education, furthered my faith foundation, and helped me make friends I've now had for nearly 20 years. I am happy to be able to help Visitation give this to other young women.

  • Shirley N. McBeath

    I am so proud of my Visitation student granddaughters, Ella and Maddie McBeath.

  • Cdr Michael Farren and Mrs. Jennifer Farren (Meghan' 17)

    Visitation traditions and values make this school so special and a worthwhile investment.

  • Paulo & Sylvia Baioni (Camila '19)

    We did it because it is for Visitation and because this wonderfull school makes a very posistive difference to many girls and our community!!

  • Connie Deerin Dittrich '67

    I didn't realize it then, but Visitation was one of the key building blocks of my young life. The Sisters lifted me up - albeit firmly - every day and I've made friendships that have lasted a lifetime.

  • Megan Silk '07

    Each year since I've graduated I've come to appreciate more and more just how much my Visitation education has done for me. I can't thank the school (and my parents) enough!

  • Karen Lacovara Patterson '87

    My Visitation days remain some of my happiest and certainly shaped me into the woman I am today. I want other girls to share in the special heritage I enjoyed and still value. Go, Gold Team!

  • Michael and Donna Dykes (Elizabeth '03)

    Visitation was a caring and wonderful choice for our daughter. We firmly believe that she was guided to her current successes by the Visi faculty and staff. Thank you!

  • Mr and Mrs Robert G Barbour (Anne '17)

    My daughters' valuable high school experiences motivated my giving.

  • Mr. & Mrs. David Boucree (Lauryn '17)

    I donated as a token of my appreciation for the love, support and education my daughter is given every single day. It is a second home for Lauryn and her peers, teachers and staff are like family. We donate to celebrate the Visitation way!

  • Barbara J Jones '58

    To support Visitation for the high quality academic and spiritual education that it continues to offer to young women as it did for my generation.

  • Julia Rubel '07

    The traditions and values I learned at Visitation helped shape who I am today!

  • Nicki Carpenter '03

    Visitation teaches girls that they have a voice and an important place in today's society. It is the best place for a girl to grow into a woman.

  • Lizzie Taylor '13

    Thank you Visitation for the best four years!!

  • Meg Munits '94

    In gratitude

  • Tricia Rubacky '73

    I will donate to Georgetown Visitation as long as I live. The school and the nuns provided me with such a special foundation for my life. Visitation is part of my family. Always was and always will be!

  • Margaret Mooney '06

    Faith. Vision. Purpose.

  • Sarah Morell '11

    I will always be grateful to Visitation for opening its arms to me as a junior year transfer, and helping me develop into a woman who values her faith, convictions, and community. Thank you, Visi!

  • Ellen McGovern Hatherill '99

    I am forever grateful for the friends I made and the education I received during my four years at Visitation. It's an incredible place!

  • Elena Gex Renjel '02

    Visitation taught me how to live life spiritually, modestly, and gratefully. It gave me life long friends, guidance, and education. I am forever grateful.

  • Elizabeth Pearson '02

    Visitation gave me a foundation in confidence, knowledge, and faith - I am forever grateful to the teachers, coaches, sisters, and friends who contributed to my development. Thank you!

  • Maureen Castle Moghtader '61

    Visitation is so vibrant and so involved in the community. It's exciting to see all the good works in the wonderful publications you send.

  • Erich and Trish Fuldner (Emily '13)

    Our daughter, Emily, had a wonderful experience at GV and we will always remember our years there fondly.

  • Kelly V. Sullivan '11

    I am so thankful to those who donated and enabled me to have the Visitation experience that I had; I feel compelled to donate to help provide the same experience to current students. I know the impact my education had on me and I am fortunate to continue to witness the postive impact it has on young girls through coaching at Visitation. I see young girls become confident women at Visitation and I'm happy to contribute to that and be a part of that tradition.

  • Melissa Gervasio '02

    Visitation provided me with the foundation to become the woman I am today, and I look forward to seeing the school continue to develop the strong women of tomorrow.

  • Katherine Dugan Veale '95

    I loved our 20 year reunion and haven't given in several years.

  • Clare Foley '12

    Visitation gave me the foundation and confidence to be the woman I am today. No other place can offer comparable spiritual, academic, and social development for young women at such a crucial point in their lives. I'm so grateful that I attended Visi.


    In memory of the great four years I spent at Visitation and to support its mission.

  • Margalee DuBois '74

    It's great to Visitation to continue to thrive in 21st century. I am proud to be a graduate!

  • Frances Eaton '06

    Go White Team!

  • Kily Battista Tolentino '03

    Faith. Vision. Purpose. Go White Team!

  • Bob and Bernadette Kogler (Annie '15, Maddy '17)

    In appreciation of the excellent academic experience and spiritual foundation provided for our daughters and other young women of Washington, DC.

  • Anika Sellier '06

    Visitation will always have a special place in my heart!

  • Julie H. Butash-Raju '04

    I donated to support today's students to become women of faith, vision, and purpose.

  • Anne Parrette Rohall '86

    Since my high school days at Visi, I have cherished the teachings and wisdom of Saint Francis de Sales shared with me by Sister Mary Berchmans and the Sisters and teachers who taught me. What a spiritual gift! From my teenage years to my adult life as a working mom of 3 girls, I have applied this wisdom and hope to share it with my own girls: "Be who you are and be that well!"

  • Ann Connaughton Felker JC'63

    I am very proud of the number of scholarships Visitation offers. I love being part of that commitment.

  • Caitlin Reilly '08

    I donated because my friends from Visi are still my best friends.

  • Bridget Donahue '08

    I donated because I was reminded of what a truly special place Visitation is recently- the incredible friends, fond memories, rich traditions, wonderful education, the list goes on.

  • Liz Furman '08

    Thank you, Visitation, for encouraging me to be my best self!

  • Katie Stouffs Grimes '95

    Giving to the Visi fund is my way of saying thank you for the education and friendships that accompanied my years at Visitation.

  • Kate Connelly '08

    The friends I made at Visitation are still my best friends today.

  • Katy Kennelly Olds '85

    Because of the great education and community at Visitation

  • Chrysse Cois Weisburger '98

    I am so appreciative and grateful for my Visitation experience which was made possible by the generosity of others. Thus, I am happy to give back in hopes of helping other current and future students.

  • Pippa Davidson Riley '02

    Go Visi!

  • Michele Beauvais Sullivan '65

    Our fiftieth class reunion was wonderful. Our shared memories reminded me how much Visitation shaped us and instilled our values.

  • Liz Lacovara '85

    Having lived in England for 25 years, I don't make it back nearly often enough. I love receiving mailings from Visitation and seeing another generation of young women getting such an incredible start in life.

  • Corinne Pyne Skevington '85

    I am happy to support Visitation. It's an excellent school and a wonderful place for girls to feel empowered. My friends from the class of 1985 are like family to me.

  • Victoria Richardson Heland '65

    In honor of our 50th reunion. Even after all these years, Visitation is every in my heart and continues to shape my days.

  • Tracy Taylor Coats '85

    High school was a difficult time for me with my father's MS and the instability that brought to our family life. Visitation, it's faculty and my fabulous classmates and their families became my family and my rock. I am who I am in great part due to the relationships I formed at Visitation and still have today!

  • Elise Conley Murphy '65

    I'm celebrating my 50 year HS reunion and my mom's (Dorothy Conley Andrews) 70 year JC reunion.

  • Jessica McGuire Long '01

    Go Gold Team!

  • Vanessa Byard '95

    Visitation made me the woman I am today! I am so blessed for the long lasting friendships I have made... here's to our 20 year reunion!

  • Lesesne Deerin Hudson '65

    Visitation was a fabulous experience in my life and I will always be thankful to the exceptional women who educated and prepared me so completely.

  • Megan Silk '07

    Visitation will always have a special place in my heart! I love being back here as a coach and getting to see the Visi traditions live on through new students!

  • Ana Maningas Zuck '95

    The education I received at Visitation goes unmatched. I grew tremendously socially, emotionally, and spiritually. The memories last a lifetime. I wish the same for my daughter one day! See you at Reunion!

  • Laura Lee

    In Memory of Jane C. Koones

  • Beth Jenkins Bromberg '64

    To help provide the same high quality education I received to others.

  • Allison Donnelly '06

    I owe some of my favorite memories and my (still) best of friends to my four amazing years at Visitation. Go White Team!

  • Danielle Perraut DeWitt '98

    I donate in gratitude to all the alumna that supported while I was at Visitation to help make it the blessed experience that taught me to be who I am and be that well!

  • Jane Sewell Carano '88

    For the Class of 1988 challenge

  • Lauren Gorman Northrop '86

    My years at Visi were invaluable, then and now, in many ways. Also giving in memory of my mother, Eileen McGolrick Murphy JC '50.

  • Mr. And Mrs. Kevin B. Byrd (Courtney '00, Melissa '03)

    We donated because Visi has done so much for our daughters.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zinsner III (Addie '15)

    Go Cubs!

  • Heather Foley '87

    In honor of lifelong friends

  • Corinne McCullough '10

    I would like to help support the Visitation fund so that other girls like me are able to receive an exceptional education.

  • Sheila Tully Hamilton '61

    I'm grateful for the excellent education I received at Visitation, and hope many other young women will have the same opportunity in the future.

  • Mark and Kate McCullough (Claire '15)

    For the generous support from Georgetown Visitation.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Wallace (Sara '16)

    Georgetown Visitation has made a lifelong impact on our daughter Sara.

  • Terez Shea-Donohue '69 (Lane '03, Margot '03)

    Visitation that the friends that I made there continue to be an important part of my life. This legacy has past down to my daughters who are also graduates.

  • Irene M Flannery '75

    My years at Visi made me the person that I am today - spiritually, emotionally, and professionally. Giving back financially is the least I can do!

  • Robyn Harrison Alexander '86

    Always a Visi girl!

  • Sharon McGuire Keegan '85

    Thank you to Georgetown Visitation for providing excellent foundation and continuing support for me and my family!

  • Kimberly Melby Whelan '83 (Justine '10)

    Visi changed my life as a teenager... and it was an awesome experience for my oldest - Justine, class of 2010. I hope my youngest, Anna will be able to have the same experience in a couple years!

  • Martha Tita Egan '80

    A Visitation education means a commitment to a life of finding purpose and meaning to giving back to others, including our communities and the world in which we live, work, play and pray in!

  • Charles & Marylou McNamara (Margaret '09, Kathleen '12, Brigit '15)

    Visitation prepares girls to become young women who will make the most of their lives and a difference in the lives of others.

  • Tip & Robyn Clifton (MaggieAnne '18)

    We've only joined the Visi world a few months ago, but already it has had a beautiful impact on our family in so many ways. Thank you!

  • Mary Pat Shea Gaffney '54

    I appreciate the education I received and the sisters spirit and loving care through the years.

  • Tricia Rubacky '73

    This year my gift reflects my gratitude for my scholarship to Visitation. It is made in memory of all those students in Pakistan who died trying to get an education during the 2014 massacre by the Taliban.

  • Paul and Nicky Sheehy

    To help support the goals and vision set forth by the school.

  • Anne Zorc '86

    Support the school.

  • Thomas and Cecilia Castiello (Joanie '16)

    We donate to help continue the scholarship fund for those who cannot afford this wonderful education.

  • John and Denise LeHanka (Lauren '15, Allison '17)

    We are thankful for the academic, spiritual, and social opportunities that are part of a Georgetown Visitation education. Our family is truly blessed to be a part of this unique community.

  • Neil King & Shailagh Murray (Frances '15)

    Visitation is an extraordinary institution that helps shape the lives of students, parents, teachers and the wider Washington community. For that, and much else, it deserves our support.

  • Eileen Leonhardy '88

    My education at Visitation helped to shape who I am personally, spiritually and professionally. My closest friends are those that I established through the Visitation community. I am truly grateful for Visitation!

  • Mr. and Mrs. John M Rozier (Theresa '18)

    It's a small way of showing our gratitude for our daughter's excellent education at Visitation. Thank you Mr. Kerns, Ms. Blaine and faculty for your dedication.

  • Elizabeth Mullin '86 and Ken Connolly

    Longstanding commitment.

  • Sonita D Tiwari (Lynn '18)

    To ensure all students are given the opportunity to attend this wonderful school.

  • Dr. John F. Loome and Dr. Heather Sine (Olivia '16)

    To continue the excellent Catholic education of young women

  • Erin Kinsella Piper '02

    For a lifetime of Salesian spirituality and for all the academic knowledge and support Visi offers its students.

  • Katie Charles '98

    In memory of Agnes Dyer Carr, grandmother, Classes of 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004

  • Brian and Susan Carlin (Deidre '04)

    To support Catholic education.

  • Jane M. Fall-Dickson (Natasha '15)

    Visitation provides a unique, excellent education for the students at a critical time in their lives. The experiences gained through this educational process will inform their actions far into their futures.

  • Amanda Creed Lockhart '96

    Some of the best friends I have I made at donation is a small way I can say thanks for those invaluable relationships.

  • Ann Barse '75

    I donated because I am thankful for the education I received at Visitation and want to give back to help others.

  • Karen V. Wiggins '89

    Sisterhood is forever.

  • Bridget Veihmeyer Monahan '01

    Visitation gave so much to me, and I'd like to give future students the chance to have an equally wonderful high school experience.

  • The Williams Family

    We are so proud to be part of such a strong tradition.

  • Molly McDonald '06


  • Frank and Brenda English (Brigie '18)

    Visitation is a family!

  • Alessandra Davidson Lundin '01

    Some of my best friends are still my Visi gals!

  • Mary Hoogland Noon '61

    The values instilled through the education we received at Visitation are deep and abiding. Friendships were built, Faith was nurtured and lives were and are enriched and strengthened. Thank you.

  • Brian and Carey Burke

    My donation is memory of Mrs. Annette Slowinski. I also want to recognize the Visitation soccer team. I'm honored honored to coach the Sharks! Chomp! Chomp!

  • Jon and Paula Pels (Erin '18, Kiersten '16)

    We are grateful as parents that our daughters are able to receive a strong education and the benefit of the sisters and their Salesian influence.

  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hally (Livi '18)

    Georgetown Visitation is THE best place for young women to get a faith-based education.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Munter (Megan '17)

    We love Georgetown Visitation!

  • Jeff and Adrianne Hamilton (Dalia '17)

    Our daughter would not be able to attend Visitation without the generous financial aid that she receives. We are thrilled with the education and experiences that she is receiving at Visi. I make this donation in honor of my father who chose single sex, Catholic, secondary education for my sister and me, an experience that was absolutely formative.

  • Meaghan Hannon '11

    I had a great experience at Visitation, and it opened many doors for me so I would like to give back.

  • Jonathan and Laura Nelms

    In memory of Annette Slowinski and with sympathy to her family, particularly my colleague Richard Slowinski and his family.

  • Susan Schnider Duke '72

    In loving memory of Mrs. Annette Slowinski

  • John and Heather Loome P'16

    To carry on the traditions that Eileen McCaleb '60 taught to her granddaughter, Olivia Loome '16

  • Fr. Kevin Nadolski, OSFS

    I believe in the mission of Visitation!

  • Margaret Farrell and Robert Paxton P'17

    We are grateful for the opportunities that Visitation has provided our daughter.

  • Colleen & Scott Sport P '15 &'17

    We have two daughters attending and really appreciate the Christian values that Visi fosters while providng a great environment to thrive both academically and socially.

  • Marie Therese Kane '14

    I give because Visitation has made me the person who I am today, and I want to make sure other girls get the opportunity to become their best selves!

  • Nicole Cirrito Schwenker '91

    For giving me such a strong foundation for my entire life.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Smith (Caroline '13)

    Thanks to Visitation for four great years for our daughter Caroline, Class of 2013.

  • Cheryl and Patrick Hughes (Gillian '15)

    As our daughter Gillian finishes her junior year, I cannot think of a more rewarding time in her life. We are blessed to be part of the Visitation Community and I know her time here will shape her future forever.

  • Katy and Michael Gaietto (Emily '13)

    Thank you Visitation for giving our daughter a wonderful education.

  • Mary Hoogland Noon '61

    The spirit of Georgetown Visitation has remained with me for over 50 years. I treasure the love and spiritual support of the Sisters through the years as well as the friendships of classmates and other Alumnae friends.

  • Teresa Williams Pope '89

    Thank you to Visitation and all my classmates for a fantastic 25th reunion! I cherish my memories and our friendships.

  • Molly McDonald '06

    I hope that Visitation continues to be able to offer the quality experience and faculty that I benefited from while I was there.

  • Kate Kittredge '97

    I want to help grow the scholarship fund.

  • Jason S Vourlekis, MD, MBA (Jane' 17)

    Georgetown Visitation is a wonderful place that really nourishes and fosters the development of our daughters.

  • Megan Silk '07

    Visitation gave me so much during my four years there. I love giving back to the school that made me who I am today.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Wallace (Sara '16)

    The Georgetown Visitation experience has already had a profound effect on our daughter and family.

  • Christine Basso '94

    Donation in hopes that all current and furtue Visitation women will have as lasting of a memory and as strong a foundation of relationships that I have had from my experience at Visi.

  • Margalee DuBois Becker '74

    I had a wonderful 40th Reunion. It was great to see so many of my Visi classmates!

  • Kathy McWilliams '63

    After 51 years, I have never forgotten how happy I was at Visitation. I continue to appreciate and use what I learned more and more every year.

  • Mary Beth and Kevin Conry (Katie '10)

    Our daughter Katie received a wonderful education at Visitation. We are very proud of the young woman she has become.

  • Sheila and Tim Maloney (Madeline '16, Bernadette '17)

    For the Sisters and students of Visitation may they live Jesus forever.

  • Kelly Edwards '97

    Because I loved my years at Visitation and I owe my success in life in part to my learning there. I want to be sure the school and monastery continue to be able to impact women's lives the way they impacted mine!

  • Thomas F Donohoe (Colleen '05, Katharine '09)

    Visitation made a huge difference in my daughters high school years- they learned that hard work, friendship, and tradition are Visitation keystones!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Swanson (Kirsten '15)

    To support the school.

  • Kelly Sullivan '07

    I give because the faculty and staff who comprise Visitation invested so much time and effort into making me the person I am today. It is the least I can do to make a small investment back to ensure that Visitation continues to be an environment where girls can flourish and thrive for years to come.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Houser (Lauren '09, Kristen '13)

    Visi was such a wonderful experience for our daughters.

  • Michele Mulholland France '80

    The most beautiful staircase I've ever run up and down ...

  • Peggy Judge Hamilton '85

    Visitation has had a huge impact on my life at almost every stage of it, and it continues to do so. It's a rare sorority and I'm proud to be a member of it.

  • Sara Dorsey Reilly '72 (Ann '99, Margaret '05)

    Visitation is an incredible place. So important to my mother, my aunts, my sisters, my daughters, and me, of course! Thank you.

  • Clare Foley '12

    I am thankful every day for the academic, emotional, and spiritual foundation I received at Visitation. Thank you for continuing to foster support of young women of faith, vision and purpose.

  • Jane M. Fall-Dickson (Natasha '15)

    I am very grateful for the excellent education that my daughter is receiving.

  • Eileen Zorc' 96

    Because I am excited about how the academic and extracurricular opportunities have expanded over the years at Visi and I want to support that continuing.

  • Mr and Mrs Jon J. Cameron (Stephanie '10)

    Our daughter, Stephanie, was a 2010 graduate.

  • Robert H. Grose

    Habit as a former staff member; and always at the last minute!

  • Cami Thompson '12

    I am so grateful for my experience at Visitation and I still benefit from the friendships, mentors and values I gained during my time there.

  • Ellen McGovern Hatherill

    I donated because Visitation helped shape me into the woman I am today. My family and friends who have gone to Visitation are the most inspiring, kind and supportive people I have ever known. It's a very special place.

  • Laura Kennedy Hughes '04

    Visitation is responsible for where I am today. Those four years remain some of the happiest of my life.

  • Molly McNamara '98

    I love the school!

  • Robert and Virginia Hurt (Emma '11, Louisa '15)

    To celebrate the truly wonderful experiences our daughters Emma '11 and Louisa '15 have had at Visitation.

  • Megan Brunson Chounoune '04

    Visitation is an amazing place where young women are shaped to change the world. I truly value my time spent learning how to think, engage, and reflect on myself, others, and the world around me.

  • Katie Giblin '03

    Because I cherish the education and long-lasting relationships that Visitation afforded me and believe in the way my school shapes the lives of young women! Go White Team!

  • Meghan Glasgow '95

    This is a small way to say "thank you" for all the wonderful ways Visitation and the community have helped me and my family.

  • Liz Furman '08

    Class of 2008!

  • John McNeil & Elizabeth Gordon-McNeil (Johlize '10)

    Johlize McNeil '10 is the person she is today because of her four years at Visitation. Thank you to all her teaches and especially to Sr. Bernadine, her prayer partner.

  • Juliette '97

    I donate so that other girls will have the opportunity to be a part of this historic, faith-filled, academically-strong, community-oriented school. Our alumna donations show that the visitation family is so very strong and spreads across generational and geographical lines.

  • Angelica Lirette '97

    Just trying to help reach the goal and give back. I was lucky enough to receive scholarships and hope to help others.

  • Oscar and Christine Molina (Gabriela '12)

    Visitation has given so much to our daughter, we hope other young ladies have the opportunity to benefit from all that Visitation has to offer.

  • Vicki Jo Richrdson '65

    It's been more than 50 years since I first entered the walls of Visitation, and yet what it cultivated in me nourishes me and those I am in contact with every day. My donation is a small gesture of thanks.

  • Ann McGowan Redgate '89

    I believe that the faith-based education and experiences at Visitation prepare young women for success in life. I will be forever grateful my parents and the sisters and faculty for my four years at Visi!

  • Judith Brissette Taylor '62

    I have never forgotten my roots and growth during my years at Visitation. I was lucky to be there.

  • Caroline Smith '13

    Because of the education that Visitation gave me.

  • Ann & Chris Ballard (Emma '17)

    We want to support Visi!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bissell (Katherine '14)

    Visitation has been a wonderful, caring environment for our daughter these last four years. We can't thank you for all you've done!

  • Florencia Segura '04

    I just had my Visitation 10 year reunion which brought back so many amazing memories of my Highschool years!

  • Caroline Braun '10

    Visitation made a great impact on my life, and introduced me to my dearest friends. I will always cherish my time with the Class of 2010.

  • Katie '08 and Caroline '10 Lang

    We both owe so much to the Catholic education we received at Visitation. Gold Team Victory! Go Irish! Hoya Saxa! Most importantly, Live Jesus!

  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Krivda (Kathleen '14)

    In appreciation for four fabulous years at Visi! So sad to see it end! Gold Team Victory!

  • Cdr. and Mrs. Michael Farren (Meghan '17)

    We are so very grateful for the academic and spiritual growth that our daughter is gaining at Georgetown Visitation!

  • Ebone Gaskins '03

    Grateful for all the opportunities and friends that stemmed from the Visitation community. Happy to give to a place that has given me so much.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian J Bowers (Paige '12)

    We donate to Visitation because it provides an excellent education to young women including our daughters!

  • Kily L. Battista '03

    I so thankful for the many amazing opportunities and memories that Visitation has made possible. I am proud to support Visitation any way I can.

  • J Haveles (Zoe '13)

    Visitation not only changed the life of my daughter but as parents, ours as well. We am blessed to be a part of such a remarkable community and very grateful that my daughter will always be a "Visi Girl" and I hope she wears her Visi socks forever!

  • Nicole Acevedo '94

    I have so many wonderful memories of my time at Visitation, and I continue to reap the rewards of the amazing education I received there!

  • Peggy Heffernan Kravitz '79

    "In years to come may we be true, to Georgetown's standards just and high...." I hope we have lived out the words we sang back in 1979.

  • Beth Jenkins Bromberg '64

    To support quality education for those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend.

  • Paul Denaul

    Our granddaughter Erin '15

  • Miss Juliet A. Joly '06

    I was inspired looking through the alumni notes magazine that my class (2006) had an embarrassing 8% participation in the fund last year. I glanced over to Joanna (my sister's) class of 2003, and she herself had donated, and her class's participation was 26%, more than triple mine! Maybe this is a silly reason to donate, but perhaps the better reason is that it ultimately made me think of all the wonderful, challenging, life-changing teachers I met and studied under, and the amazing friendships I formed while a student there from 2002-2006. I hope my humble donation can somehow be used to educate Visitation students to learn and engage with this great adventure and gift that we call life, and discover our purpose with the faith we cultivate at Visitation and the vision with which we've been inspired to see everything.

  • Aleta Spitaleri '89

    I love Visitation!!

  • Kelsey Pietranton '07

    I love Visitation, the education I received, and the friends I made (and still have) from my years there. I recently got involved with the alumnae board, which has made me appreciate these things all over again!

  • Maureen Reese '85

    It's a pleasure to be a part of the Visitation community and it's mission.

  • Victoria Wills McMahon '79

    THE SISTERS! Clear & Simple! The Sisters of Visitation have unselfishly given to our community for over 200 years! Thank you for all that you all have done for me and my family!

  • Gabriella (Gail) Schutz Kao '64

    I feel bad about missing the reunion. GVC was always very generous to me and I loved my classmates and teachers.

  • Catie Carter '05

    I love and miss Visitation. I appreciate all the things Visi did for me... amazing education, fun memories, and great friendships that still last. Thank you.

  • Emily Lechner '04

    Forever grateful for the education I received and the close friends I made at Visitation.

  • Steve and Lizz Durante (Claire '03, Margaret '06, Theresa '10)

    We are the parents of three graduates - Claire, Margaret and Theresa - who value the educations they received at Visitation and treasure the lifelong friends they have made among the students, faculty, and staff.

  • Gabrielle McClarty-Roberts '76

    Visitation is my family. Thank you.

  • Michael and Donna Dykes (Elizabeth '03)

    Visitation was a caring and wonderful choice for our daughter. We firmly believe that she was guided to her current successes by the Visi faculty and staff. Thank you!

  • Eileen Leonhardy '88

    Visitation provided me with a tremendous education, valuable lifelong friendships and a strong core value system. It was a true gift to have been able to be a part of this institution. I want to help continue the legacy with future generations of young women.

  • Lisa and Paul Maco (Parent'17)

    Our freshman daughter has a wonderful opportunity at Visitation. We want to help provide the same opportunity to other girls.

  • Robyn Harrison Alexander '86

    I learned so much when I was at Visi: about myself, loving learning, and the joys of friendship.

  • Dr. Astrid Sheil '73

    I donate for the next generation of Visitation women.

  • Eileen Sirica Cardillo '08

    I have wonderful memories and tremendous gratitude for the values, education, friendships, love, and support I experienced at Visitation. Thank you and God Bless the Visitation Sisters and community always!

  • Heather Foley '87

    Visitation provides an excellent environment for teenage girls to grow towards their future selves while gaining valuable learning skills and priceless, life-long friendships.

  • Sheila Tully Hamilton '61

    I believe in the Georgetown Visitation Academy and its commitment to educating young women from diverse backgrounds.

  • Maria D. Oliver (Danielle '07)

    Visitation provides an excellent education. There is a community of Christian friends that will last a lifetime.

  • Bernadette & Robert Kogler (Maddy '17, Annie '15)

    Visi is a wonderful place for sisters to attend high school together in a positive environment for building young women.

  • Mimi Cekuta '08

    I donated so Visi can continue to educate women of faith, vision, and purpose.

  • Cecelia Henderson '76

    The Visitation education and staff helped satisfy my hunger to learn and helped me grow into the woman I am today. I want that available for future generations of women.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Dolan (Nora '14)

    We are happy to support the great work of Visitation.

  • Anita M Herrera '75

    What I learned at Visi is priceless.

  • Cecilia & Tommy Castiello (Joanie '16)

    We give "to help continue the wonderful education for girls in the future."

  • Irene M Flannery '75

    Visitation has been like home to me since my freshman year way back in 1971. This is one way of giving back and saying "thank you."

  • Jaynie Studenmund '72

    Although I have not lived in the DC area since graduating in 1972, I will always have a special place in my heart for Visitation. Sister Mary Berchmanns and others have been exceptional role models in my life. And the Visitation Sisters have mighty strong praying oars which have meant the world to our family.

  • Madeleine Choquette Durkin '89

    I am forever grateful to Visitation for my invaluable high school education and friendships which last a lifetime. I want girls to be able to benefit from this unique, special place for generations to come.

  • Dr. Roy G. Joseph (Lindsay '17)

    Our introduction to the Visitation Community of caring and teaching has been extraordinary. Every touch point models professionalism and respect, which shows in the character of each student we have met. Thank you.

  • Charles and Cynthia Dougherty (Leslie '03)

    Visi was great for our daughter Leslie, it provided a great academic start for the Univ of Michigan and Boston College Law School.

  • Susan Falvella-Garraty '80

    Our family is inspired by the healing words and profound love Pope Francis is demonstrating every day. His faith and caring reminds me of so much Sister Mary de Sales. A very Merry Christmas to the Visitation family.

  • Anne Deslattes Mays (Katie '15)

    I donated because I value the principles of the school. I value the environment, the education, the dedication of the teachers, the administrators, the counselors, the dean and the head of school, Dan Kerns. I find I have benefitted as well from the grounding principles a Salesian Education brings. I am committed to ensuring that the tradition continues. I want to demonstrate that commitment through financial giving.

  • LaVerne Wallace (Rena '14)

    "It is more blessed to give than receive."

  • Maria Rosa Acosta Muñoz

    In gratitude for a wonderful four years. Thank God for the wonderful vocation of the sisters who touched my life during my attendance.

  • Susan Fraser '89

    Visitation provides an environment for woman to be strong and outspoken in their opinions. They encouraged us to look for leadership roles and build lasting friendships. I cherish the education, traditions and experience that Visitation gave me.

  • Lesesne Deerin Hudson '65

    Almost 50 years ago, Visitation became an integral part of my life and started me on a life path as a strong and independent woman. I owe that to the Sisters who educated and guided me with such fierce dedication and amazing spirit that has stayed with me throughout my life.

  • Laura Huber '10

    Visitation helped me so much and gave me such great opportunities.

  • Kim Melby Whelan '83

    Fabulous institution making a difference in young women's lives!

  • Gabriella Schutz Kao '64

    I am very grateful to GV Prep for giving me a full scholarship for four years and helping me get into a good college and get a good career.

  • Mary Anne Schnider '75

    Thank you for four great years of high school education.

  • Katie McNerney '93

    I'm grateful to the Sisters, Faculty, and Staff of Visitation - for all of their hard work and commitment to developing young women of faith, vision, and purpose. Thank you!

  • Meghan Daly Van Dam '98

    I give so that Visitation can maintain and enhance the high quality education and values that I received when I attended.

  • Jack and Terry O'Hara Lavoie (Maggie '17)

    In just a few months, Visitation has stolen our hearts. What a wonderful place for our daughter to grow and learn. What fantastic and fun girls who are sharing her journey.

  • Pat & Ann Morrison (Colleen '17)

  • Bridget Cullen '13

    Visitation offerred me so much more than an education. I have so much to repay Visitation in gratitude for the many gifts I received.

  • Meg Snyder Thompson

    Visitation remains a special place to me, my most beloved alma mater of all the schools I attended.

  • Jill and Dennis Johnson

    Our donation is in honor of a very special young lady, Mary Lacey Gilbride '08, whose vibrancy and enthusiasm will always be remembered!

  • Liz & Matthew Grandonico (Francesca '17)

    We would love to help someone else receive the excellent education that Francesca is getting.

  • Patrick Lively (Bridget '17)

    My daughter Bridget loves Visitation!

  • Jane M. Fall-Dickson (Natasha '15)

    Visitation provides a unique and powerful educational experience for students, one that will inform their personal and professional choices throughout their lives.

  • Col. and Mrs. Kevin Mulvihill (Marie '17)

    We believe in the education of young women in an all-girl environment where they have an opportunity to find who they are as individuals, and to reach beyond stereotypes.

  • Dr. John Loome and Dr. Heather Sine (Olivia '16)

    To continue the wonderful education that our daughter, Olivia Loome '16, is enjoying

  • Dr. and Mrs. Bassam Atiyeh (Claire '16)

    It is unbelievable the impact Visitation school has had on our daughter. We see her growing in knowledge and faith every day. Thanks a lot!

  • Katie Stranix '05 and Family

    Mary Lacey was a fellow teammate with Katie on the Visi Varsity Lax squad in Spring 2005. Though Visitation, we came to know and love the entire Gilbride family given our many lax and field hockey games together. May they feel and be comforted by the many prayers from Mary Lacey's extended Visi family.

  • John and Dayna Ingassia (Sydney '17)

    We are very proud of our daughter Sydney, and are really excited to watch her begin her time at Georgetown Visitation. We look forward to becoming a part of the Georgetown Visitation community.

  • Kathleen Madden Pajcic '95

    In memory of my classmate and friend, Christine Weeks.

  • Lindy Nagele, Friend

    I give in memory of the wonderful Christine Weeks and the impact she had on the life of Katie Stouff '95, my amazing friend.

  • Mrs. Ana Maningas Zuck '95

    Many thanks to Katie Stouffs and Beth LaMantia Rafferty for organizing this memorial gift.

  • Mary Grilli Jacobs '98

    In memory of Christine Weeks

  • Elizabeth Callanan MItchell '95

    In memory of Christine Weeks.

  • Eileen Zorc '95

    In honor of the exceptional Christine Weeks (Dr. Christine Weeks Scofield).

  • Meghan Burke Cross '95

    To honor a dear friend, wonderful person and fantastic competitor.

  • Katie Stouffs '95

    My donation is in memory of my best friend, Christine Weeks Scofield '95 (pictured after a hard-fought soccer match). There are so many reasons I am thankful that I attended Visi, but at the top of the list is my lasting friendship with Christine.

  • Carolyn McGuire Carroccio '94

    I love Visitation!

  • Bud & Maureen Giblin (Katie '03, Colleen '08 & Genevieve '12)

    Visitation has been such a special place to our family.

  • Genevieve Giblin '12

    I had a great four years at Visitation!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Scott Reynolds (Chloe '14)

    Our daughter is very happy at Visitation.

  • Charles and Marylou McNamara & family (Maggie '09, Kathleen '12 & Brigit '15)

    From small seeds many blessings are returned to our daughters.

  • Valasie August (Jennifer A. Seneca '89)

    The 4 years my daughter, Jennifer, spent at Visitation were some of the best years of her life. The care and concern the faculty had for teaching the girls went beyond classroom subjects. They invested in the girls' spiritual growth as well. All of it was priceless for my Jennifer and I am certain this was true for many other Visi grads as well.

  • Anne Cadell Killeen '80 (Katie '10)

    Thank you, Sisters and Faculty, for four wonderful years, life-long friendships, and helping me become a person of strong faith and character. May my gift help other generations of young women enjoy the same!

  • Dr. and Mrs. A. Garrett Gouldin (Katherine '15)

    We love Visi and are honored to be a part of the community!

  • Stan and Mary Taylor (Megan '06, Caitlin '07 & Elizabeth '13)

    Love you all and the school!

  • Lauren DiJoseph Tawil '79

    In memory of my friend Sue Kilcoyne Amatangelo '80.

  • Elizabeth Furman '08

    Visitation helped me grow into the person I am today.

  • Rick & Maria Mellenkamp (Millie '10 & Maddie '16)

    A very worthwhile cause that maintains Visitation as the best all-girls school in the area. By contributing to this cause we also show our support for the way of life, traditions, and vision that Georgetown Visitation provides our daughters.

  • Joanne Alexander Davis '59

    In appreciation of the excellent education I received at Visitation and to help this tradition continue.

  • Janie B. Maloy '71

    Much love to my Momma (Catherine "Tinkie" Ashe Maloy JC'46)!

  • Lucy Pfeiffer Berkoff '94

    The Visitation Community went out of its way to make sure that I set out on the right path. We want to help them continue to guide and support other young women in the same way.

  • Christine Tioseco '94

    Some of my best relationships were built here and are will always be an important part of my life.

  • Kelly Cullen '08

    Loved visitation!