Supporting Visi

Since its founding in 1799, Visitation has been blessed by a dedicated legion of alumnae, parents, and friends whose support is as crucial today as it was in the past. Thanks to this loyal community, our heritage, values, and faith-filled legacy continue unbroken.

In 1993, hundreds of supporters rallied to help rebuild a fire-ravaged Founders Hall, along with new athletic and performing arts centers in time for Visitation’s bicentennial. Their generosity was inspiring, but so is that of the hundreds who regularly support the school through planned gifts, legacies, and annual gifts to The Visitation Fund.  These gifts help ensure the school’s financial stability, provide financial aid, maintain and preserve our beautiful historic campus, hire outstanding teachers, and much more.

Supporting Visitation is supporting a way of life, one that encompasses faith, values, academic excellence, tradition, and service to others.  Our graduates are young women of faith, vision, and purpose who have been blessed by the prayers of the Sisters, the wisdom of their teachers, the values they have learned, and the generosity of all who have given their support to Visitation.   

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the many ways you can support Visitation, please contact Nathalie Sullivan, Director of Advancement at or 202.337.3350.