Additional Funds & Initiatives


Scholarships and memorial gifts are ways to honor and celebrate loved ones, while also helping sustain Visitation's comprehensive educational programs and its historic, verdant campus.


Beyond  The Visitation Fund Visitation Partners, and Planned Giving, there are many other ways to support Visitation, including:

Memorial Named Gifts
Gifts can be made in memory of a deceased relative, classmate or teacher, or in honor of living students, faculty, or alumnae. 

Memorial Trees
Several years ago a master landscaping plan was designed by landscape architect Brian Kane and approved by the Building & Grounds Committee. Gradually, in accordance with this plan, new plantings are being added to the campus when old specimens need to be replaced.

Memorial Trees can be given in memory of an alumna, family member, teacher, or friend. Trees are also given to honor a living member of the Visitation community. Each tree is identified with a handsome, engraved bronze plaque. A donation of $4,000 is requested to cover the cost of the tree, the planting and maintenance, and the plaque.

Named Endowed Scholarship
Gifts to the school's endowment can be designated to support faculty salaries, professional development programs for teachers, the general scholarship fund, or a named endowed scholarship fund that will continue to support students indefinitely.

An endowed scholarship for a Visitation student (or students) can be established in the name of the donor or in memory/honor of a student, alumna, or faculty member. In agreement with the school, the donor can establish criteria for the award of the scholarship, for example, that it should go to a minority student, a member of a large Catholic family, or a student from a particular elementary school.

The amount of the gift required to establish an endowed scholarship rises as tuition increases. For the 2015-2016 academic year, tuition is $28,300 and the following levels for endowed scholarships are now:

Full Tuition Scholarship - $640,000
Half Tuition Scholarship - $320,000
One-Fourth Tuition Scholarship - $160,000 

For more information about any of the above options, Advancement Director Nathalie Bergin Sullivan '71 at 202.337.3350, ext. 2284, or 202.787.5676 (direct), or email