Throughout the year, the Personal Counseling Office offers programming that aims to promote all-around student well-being, healthy relationships, and goal-setting and career planning as girls look beyond Visitation toward their futures. This programming includes guest speakers and special assemblies, as well as a handful of annual events, listed below.

Freshman Orientation

This event officially welcomes the newest class into the school community. Over two days in August, the freshman class learns about the traditions and expectations of high school life. Students register for classes, tour the campus, meet administrators and teachers, play ice breakers, and participate in a mock schedule. They are also oriented to the Library, Computer Lab, Co-Curricular Program, Honor Code, Kaleidoscope Multicultural Club, and Gold/White Games. Activities are led by both teachers and students, including Peer Educators, rising sophomores, and School Government representatives.

Freshman Challenge Day

In October, the freshman class embarks on an outdoor challenge day that encourages teamwork, builds self-confidence, and fosters class bonding. Together, students tackle a ropes course and field games that push them outside their comfort zones and invite them to engage with other class members. Freshmen love this activity-filled day, and often relish its unique opportunities to meet and spark relationships with students they might not necessarily cross paths with during the school day.

Sophomore Spectacular

Each fall, the sophomore class comes together for an evening of fun and bonding. The event is designed to continue building on relationships developed the prior year and foster positive class spirit. The sophomores sing karaoke, practice their Marshmallow Roast skit, and enjoy a movie together. This tends to be a highlight of the sophomore year, and students cite new friendships and class unity as the best aspects of this event. 

Junior Career Day

At this event—a special collaboration between the Counseling and Alumnae Offices—accomplished Visitation graduates in a range of career fields address the junior class. Through a keynote lecture and panel discussions, students glean tips, tools, and insights from fellow Visitation women and hear firsthand accounts of professions ranging from medicine to marketing, journalism to education. Each component of the day also features a Q&A session so that students can ask about specific issues and get personalized feedback and advice.

Senior Transition Assembly

This annual session aims to help the senior class think about the upcoming transition to college. College student services representatives and recent Visitation graduates come to campus to discuss the myriad activities available in a college setting and provide advice about the college transition. The biggest takeaway is that students should make the most of their college experience.