West Side Story Opens Mar. 31

Posted: March 17, 2017

The Masqueraders present their spring musical, "West Side Story," from Mar. 31-Apr. 2. Tickets are now available here.

Actors and Tech Crew members have been working for months to transform the Nolan Center into the 1950s-era West Side of New York City. "West Side Story" begins with a brewing gang war between the native New York boys (The Jets) and the Puerto Rican immigrants (The Sharks). A young couple in love stands in the middle of the conflict: Tony, a Jet ready to leave gang life, and Maria, the sister of the Sharks leader. When Tony and Maria’s love only causes tension between the rival groups to escalate, a rumble ensues that costs both sides young lives. Can lovers find a way to be together in spite of unyielding hate and ignorance? Find out in Visitation’s performance of the show on the Nolan Center stage from Mar. 31-Apr. 2.

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