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Dannie Suber '08 Creates Restaurant Rating App

Dannie Suber '08 has launched a new restaurant rating app, Tidbit! The app provides restaurant recommendations based on your network. Read what Spoon University is saying about Dannie's app!

"I am a huge foodie and have always relied on local lists, but the suggestions weren't quite fitting," says Dannie. "After realizing many people rely on friends for restaurant suggestions, we wanted to integrate restaurant ratings with social media by creating this platform where the user creates their own foodie network and shares their taste with other through the different features." She and three friends created the app.

Congrats, Dannie!


Teachers Become Students During Summer Break

Though summer is a time for teachers to step away from the front of the classroom, many take time to be students at workshops and conferences. Summer professional development opportunities provide teachers with great ideas and excitement for the new school year.

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