Checklist, Dates & Forms

Applicants for Grade 9



A completed online application through our Admissions Portal and fee of $50 should be submitted on or before December 2, 2016. A preview of the essay questions is available here.


Interview/Shadow Visit

An interview is required and is typically done during a student's full-day "shadow" visit. We will begin scheduling these visits in late August. They begin September 19 and end December 2. A complimentary lunch will be provided.Reserve your Shadow Visit date now through our Admissions Portal.


Teacher Recommendation Form

Applicants for Grade 9 should submit the Archdiocese of Washington’s ADW Teacher Recommendation Form 2017-18 to their principal or counselor by November. It must be completed by the applicant’s teachers for each major subject area indicated and mailed by the school to our Admissions Office no later than December 9, 2016.



Transcripts from Grade 7, plus grades from the first quarter of Grade 8, should be submitted to the Admissions Office by December 9, 2016. Applicants must submit this Transcript Release Form to their school’s main office in order to have the transcripts released.


High School Placement Test

Visitation requires the Archdiocese of Washington’s High School Placement Test (HSPT) as its entrance exam. Students attending an Archdiocese of Washington school will receive the high school choice form and take the HSPT at school in December. If a student marks Visitation as one of her three choices on the HSPT application, her scores will be sent to Visitation automatically. A similar procedure for testing will be in place for students attending any of the Archdiocese of Arlington’s elementary schools. 

Students NOT attending an Archdiocese of Washington school should visit for registration information. The HSPT registration must be sent directly to the Archdiocese. When submitting HSPT registrations, applicants may ask to take the HSPT at Visitation on Saturday, December 3, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.