Our Program

The faculty, administration, and staff of Georgetown Visitation all seek to equip young women with the values, knowledge, skills, wisdom, and confidence they need to meet their fullest potential. Learning takes place all day on our campus–both inside and outside of the classroom–but our academic program particularly helps our students thrive in the rapidly changing, morally complex world beyond our gates.

Our core courses provide a strong foundation in fundamentals, while an array of electives–including many honors and Advanced Placement classes–allow girls to explore additional interests and reach for new levels of achievement. We both challenge and nurture the students entrusted to our care.

Visitation’s faculty is comprised of enthusiastic, dedicated men and women who strive to create an engaging learning environment that encourages critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and academic excellence. Our low 9:1 student-teacher ratio ensures each girl gets the support and attention she needs. In classes, teachers incorporate creative assessments and draw on the rich resources of our city to generate real-world connections and encourage responsible local, national, and global citizenship.

With the leadership of Academic Dean Sue Foreman and the support of a gifted team of personal and college counselors, Georgetown Visitation stands ready to educate young women of “faith, vision, and purpose” who model compassion, personal excellence, and leadership for our world.


Program of Studies 2017-2018

Includes all classes that will be offered 2017-2018.

Yearly Curriculum

Religion I
English I
Global Patterns of Civilization I: Ancient Peoples
Algebra I or Accelerated Geometry or Accelerated Math I
French I or Spanish I
Conceptual Physics
Physical Education
Aesthetics of Music and Art
Personal Development & Wellness
Learning Support & Strategies (by recommendation)

Religion II
English II
Global Patterns of Civilization II: Rise of the Modern World
or AP European History
Geometry or Honors Elementary Functions or Algebra II or
Accelerated Math II
French II or Spanish II
Physical Education
Personal Development and Wellness

Religion III
English III
U.S. History
Algebra II or Honors Elementary Functions or Precalculus or Accelerated Algebra II/Trigonometry
French III or Spanish III

Bioethics/Moral Decision Making
English IV
4 Academic Electives

AP Courses

Academically eligible students may qualify
for admission to Advanced Placement courses.

AP American Government
AP Art History
AP Biology
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Comparative Politics
AP Environmental Science
AP French
AP Language and Composition
AP Literature and Composition
AP Physics C
AP Psychology
AP Spanish
AP Statistics
AP Studio Art
AP U.S. History

Honors Courses

Academically eligible students may qualify
for admission to honors courses.

Elementary Functions
English II/English III/English IV
European History
French III/IV
Spanish III/IV
Twentieth Century History


Accelerated Algebra II/Trigonometry
Creative Writing
French IV/Spanish IV
Human Anatomy
Latin I/II
Studio Art I/II/III
Trigonometry/Advanced Math Topics

Bridge Program with Georgetown University

Selected members of the senior class participate in a Bridge
Program with Georgetown University. This enables Visitation
students to take courses at the University for a nominal fee.