Georgetown Visitation School Archives

One of the four pillars of the St. Jane de Chantal Salesian Center, our archival collection is a treasury of our school artifacts and history as well as our spiritual heritage. Through the generous support of the Capital Campaign, "A Cherished Past, A Vibrant Future," careful work has already begun to professionally conserve, catalog, digitize, and interpret documents and artifacts that communicate the history of Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School.

These papers, objects, books, maps, and photographs serve as documents to ideals of Salesian Spirituality practiced and taught by the Sisters of the Visitation. Researched in tandem with monastery archives holdings, these items make the past tangible and facilitate the creation of identities for our students and school community in the present. They bear witness to the school’s great virtues and rich past, which paralleled our nation’s beginnings in Washington, D.C.

Questions regarding the school archives? Ask Dr. Susan Nalezyty, School Archivist, ext. 2135 or

Questions regarding the monastery archives? Ask Sr. Mada-anne Gell, Monastery Archivist,  

Constance Blanchard, Jesus at Bethany, oil on canvas, 1825.
Students in the science lab conducting an experiment using a Dreschel bottle, a method for washing or drying gases, Fourth floor, Founders Hall, circa early 1960s.
Receipt for tuition for the school’s first semester, 1800. This receipt identifies the original school name, “George Town Ladies Academy.” It is signed by Maria Sharpe (aka Sr. Mary Agnes Sharpe), one of the first three “Pious Ladies” and the first directress of the school. It also specifies a cost of 88 dollars for 6 months’ tuition and board costs. Following a relative value for measuring this commodity, $88 would be about $1,710 today.