St. Jane de Chantal Salesian Center

The Cornerstone of the Campaign, 
A Cherished Past, A Vibrant Future: 
The St. Jane de Chantal Salesian Center

Simple, yet powerful and life affirming, Salesian Spirituality is the foundation for all that is Visitation; it is our legacy from the Sisters. To safeguard and continue this incomparable way of life, Georgetown Visitation founded The St. Jane de Chantal Salesian Center in May 2016.

The Mission: To ensure that the Sisters’ gentle, inspired common sense approach to living a faith-filled life continues to endure, flourish, and guide all aspects of a Visitation education into our third century and beyond.

The Center is built on four guiding pillars:

  • Faith Formation: The creation of Salesian faith formation programs including seminars, retreats, and classes to share the writings and teachings of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal within and beyond our community.
  • Leadership and Living Our Faith Through Service: Cultivating and energizing our students and alumnae to be leaders in the Church, the community, and the world through voice, witness, and deed - Living Jesus in all that they do.
  • Influence Beyond the Green Gate: The construction of an online platform for sharing Salesian inspiration, prayers, and guidance with those beyond our campus reach.
  • Preserving Our Past: Carefully preserving and digitally archiving our 217-year-old school history and vast collection of artifacts, making our rich story accessible through multi-media.

To carry out this important work, our Director works collaboratively with the Sisters of the Visitation, Salesian Ministry, Campus Ministry, Christian Service, and Religion Departments to expand the reach, scope, and solace of Salesian thought, both within and beyond our campus. The Archival Associate leads the Center’s efforts to preserve our legacy by building, cataloguing, and overseeing a vast store of photographs, documents, and artifacts that chronicle the school’s and Sisters’ histories.

“Our mission speaks to the importance of educating the mind and heart. We must plant the seeds as the lay community accepts the call to carry the spirit to those how have yet to encounter the Salesian way. The St. Jane de Chantal Salesian Center makes this possible.”
- Laurie Collins Quirk ‘74 , English Department Chair & Visitation Salesian Network Representative  

St. Jane de Chantal Salesian Center Staff

Olivia Wills Kane '85
Director, ext. 2732

Susan Nalezyty, Ph.D.
Archival Associate, ext. 2135 


Advisory Board

Annette Barr
Mary Kate Blaine
Patricia Branson
Mary Beth Connell
Sr. Mary Berchmans Hannan, VHM
Rev. Matt Hillyard, OSFS
Olivia Wills Kane '85
Daniel M. Kerns, Jr.
Katie McNerney '93
Laurie Collins Quirk '74
Gabriela Smith
Nathalie Bergin Sullivan '71