Mission Statement

Georgetown Visitation, founded in 1799, is a college preparatory school rooted in the Roman Catholic faith and Salesian tradition, committed to educating young women from diverse backgrounds. We are a faith-centered community dedicated to educational excellence, enriched by co-curricular and service programs.

Our mission is to empower our students to meet the demands and challenges of today’s rapidly changing and morally complex world. We guide our students to become self-reliant, intellectually mature, and morally responsible women of faith, vision, and purpose.

We encourage each student to "be who she is and be that well."

Graduate Profile

A graduate of Georgetown Visitation believes in herself and respects the dignity of all persons. As a woman of faith, vision, and purpose,

  • she has developed strong character and knows that her faith, enriched by Catholic theology and Salesian tradition, serves as a firm foundation as she meets the challenges of a morally complex world.
  • she values her relationships with God, self, family, and friends and demonstrates a desire for service to others.
  • she believes in her potential and has acquired a breadth of knowledge and skills on which she may build as an enthusiastic lifelong learner.
  • she embraces the world beyond Visitation and is a catalyst for positive change, empowered by her belief in God and actively living the Salesian virtues.
  • she thinks independently, communicates effectively, and confronts ambiguity confidently.
  • she understands and appreciates cultures, religions, and economic and ethnic backgrounds different from her own.
  • she demonstrates moral integrity, personal responsibility, and a commitment to sharing her talents for the betterment of society.

The Georgetown Visitation graduate enters society valuing her relationship with God, her peers, and the world around her shaped by the breadth of her knowledge and the wide scope of her vision.