Our Visual Identity

Four Refreshed Logos


I am excited to share with you our refreshed school graphics and updated visual guidelines. Like so many aspects of the school, the graphics representing us have greatly evolved over the years, and our recent updates represent the latest step on this path...an important step for us.

I personally have witnessed and overseen many changes here--especially in the 20 years I served as Headmistress. Time has taught me that change is a constant in life, and with it come new insights and opportunities. I truly cherish our school, and I am proud of the ways we have evolved, ever mindful of integrating our past with our future, yet always preserving the essence of who we are.

SR. Mary berchmans hannan '48 & '50


We are excited to share that Georgetown Visitation has a refreshed visual identity. These updates follow a thoughtful, yearlong process that delved deeply into the school’s identity and how best to represent this graphically. The resulting logos, colors, and other elements should already feel familiar to our school family, as they are inspired by and rooted in our existing visuals, as well as our rich history and traditions.

At the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, the school began a comprehensive study of who we are, what we do very well, and what we could do better. Sr. Mary Berchmans Hannan '48 & '50, administrators, and staff (including several alumnae) led the project and throughout the process solicited input from representatives of all our constituencies. The group uncovered many strengths, as well as some areas for improvement. Among the latter, they found that our visual identity was not cohesive; we were using too many graphics, sub-versions of these graphics, fonts, and colors. Our strong, spirited school, its unwavering mission, and our shared identity were not being conveyed clearly. 

The project leaders sought to address these issues carefully, delving deeply into our identity, looking at all our disparate visual elements, and exploring how best to proceed. Their goal was to identify a cohesive set of graphics that worked together to underscore our mission, honor our past, and reflect the vibrancy of today's Visitation. Their work centered around the school seala graphic central to Visitation's identity, yet one that, much like the school itself, has evolved significantly over time.

All four of the refreshed graphics the seal, the logo, the GV, and the paw draw on the strength and symbolism of the seal, preserving its elements even as they move them forward. The graphics use the seal's signature scalloped edge as both a unifying feature and to underscore our identity as a girls' school.  The updated school seal retains all of the traditional elements, yet the books are now open to better reflect the active nature of learning, and dynamic rays of light now shine from the lamp (similar to those that illuminate the school seal version that has appeared on every Visitation diploma since the 1960s). These rays represent the light of God and the ways our students and alumnae enlighten the world with their gifts of service. 

The flourishes of the refreshed GV come directly from the wood- and ironwork in and around Founders Hall. This distinctive graphic is ours and ours alone. The paw affirms our shared identity as the Cubs (White Bear Cubs and Gold Tiger Cubs), and we have also affirmed our school colors: gold, white, and green.

For full details of our logo project and each of the graphics (including a look at the seal's evolution), please see our Summer 2015 magazine article here.