Ask Us About...

  • Salesian Spirituality

    Together with our Catholic faith, this gentle spirituality anchors all that we do and reminds us to “Be who we are and be that well.” It is rooted in the teachings of our religious founders, St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal, who encouraged living “Little Virtues” – like kindness, optimism, humility, and perseverance – as a means of developing a stronger relationship with God. You can see these principles at work every day as our students, teachers, and community strive for their personal best.

  • Marshmallow Roast

    The best part of this beloved school tradition isn’t the bonfire or the marshmallows, but the clever skits each class performs. These sketches poke gentle fun at campus traditions, classes, and routines, in the process showcasing students’ wit, acting skills, and teamwork. It definitely takes a village – or an entire class – to create a Marshmallow Roast skit!

  • Macroeconomics

    In this elective, students learn how economies function not just by studying terms and theories; they immerse themselves in real-world applications. Students manage mock stock portfolios, look at real-time economic measures, and dissect current headlines – all using iPads. Microeconomics was the pilot class for our iPad program in 2012-13, which expanded to a school-wide program in 2014-15. Visitation strives to thoughtfully integrate technology into its curriculum in ways that deepen students’ knowledge and understanding.

  • Junior Retreat

    The juniors embark on a class retreat each October. Two days of laughter, tears, prayer, reflection, candid talks, sunsets, and s’mores later, they return. The trip serves as a key bonding moment for the class, as well as an important time of self-discovery and personal faith development. The setting – scenic, waterfront Camp Maria in Leonardtown, Maryland – provides a dazzling and inspiring backdrop.

  • Career Day

    This annual program gives juniors a chance to learn about various careers from Visitation’s accomplished alumnae. Panels of graduates representing a range of professions–from medicine to marketing, forensics to publishing–offer advice and insight to groups of students. The day also includes a presentation by a dynamic keynote speaker, who inspires these young women as they begin to ponder college and career choices.

  • Lewis Cup

    Visitation has received this award–for best overall athletic performance in the Independent School League–eight out of the past nine years. Over two-thirds of our students participate in sports at some point during their four years. Many go on to play at the college level, but some just hit the field, courts, or pool for the fun and camaraderie. In the process, students take away lasting lessons on leadership, teamwork, and dedication.

  • The Visitation Order

    The Visitation Order – St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal founded the Visitation Order in Annecy, France, over 400 years ago. Today, the Sisters still guide us. They lead homerooms, cheer on our sports teams, share their history at assemblies, pray for us daily, and provide gentle, loving guidance and spiritual support for our entire school family. They model what it means to be “women of faith, vision, and purpose.”

  • Service Trips

    On our many immersion trips – just one aspect of our robust Christian Service Program – groups help out in places like South Dakota, Peru, and Appalachia. Students enjoy and take away so much from these experiences, listening to the needs of local residents, living simply and in the moment, lending a hand, and broadening their perspectives.

  • Creative Writing

    There are many artistic outlets on 35th Street. One favorite is the Creative Writing course, where students try on various writing styles and voices. At the end of each semester, class members host a reading to share their work with the school community – a favorite event of faculty and staff. Many Creative Writing students also publish pieces in the school’s award-winning literary magazine, “The Georgetowner.”

  • Singing at the Vatican

    At the end of the biannual Chorus trip to Italy, our singers and musicians experience something profound and unforgettable: singing at St. Peter’s Basilica. This performance forms a dramatic climax after two weeks of concerts, sightseeing, and self-discovery in cities most have only studied in textbooks. While the Vatican is hard to top, our performing arts groups – Chorus, Madrigals, Orchestra, and Dance Ensemble – have many opportunities to showcase their talents, both on campus and off.

  • Gold-White Games

    The school’s Gold and White Teams face off during a week of friendly, spirited competition each fall and winter. A pep rally, field hockey or basketball game, plus powderpuff football in the fall and quiz bowl in the winter, are just part of the fun. Everyone on campus belongs to a team, so the energy and enthusiasm leading up to these festivities is palpable and often infectious!

  • Field Trips

    Our teachers aren’t shy about utilizing the capital city’s many resources to drive lessons home, and many integrate exciting, creative field trips into their classes. For instance, Art History might meander through the National Gallery, AP Environmental Science might paddle the Chesapeake Bay, or Honors English III might dig into the stacks at Georgetown’s Lauinger Library in pursuit of research materials. These trips help students root abstract concepts in the real world and make connections to their own lives, while also building skills and knowledge.

  • St. Bernard Project

    Our alumnae are dedicated to serving others. Take, for example, alum Liz McCartney ’90, whose nonprofit has rebuilt over 400 hurricane-struck New Orleans homes. Visitation has closely partnered with SBP over the years, holding fundraisers and sending student and alumnae groups to support its work. Role models like Liz, coupled with the values and lessons gleaned in the classroom, help cement in our students a deep and lifelong commitment to helping those in need.

  • Diversity Day

    Planned by our Kaleidoscope Multicultural Club, this annual event explores and celebrates diversity, in all its many forms. Through talks, performances, small-group discussions, and more, students delve into challenging topics such as race, gender, disability, and socio-economic status. It’s just one of many initiatives that support Visitation’s commitment to respecting and honoring the dignity and sacredness of every individual.

  • AP Environmental Science

    This recent and popular addition to our course offerings helps educate tomorrow’s scientists and environmental advocates. While preparing for the Advanced Placement exam, students build their understanding of the natural world, conservation methods, and much more. Guest speakers, hands-on exploration on and off campus, and field trips truly bring the curriculum to life.

  • Think Pink Society

    One of more than 40 clubs on campus, the Think Pink Society raises funds for and awareness of breast cancer and lobbies Congress for patient protections. This active club holds many events at school and in the city, ranging from bake sales to an annual rooftop lighting ceremony. Like many campus groups, Think Pink helps our students develop leadership skills and learn to speak out on issues that impact our world and the people in it.